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Protein Key

Question: (Human)
I am wondering if the milk products in your protein supplements are from raw milk.

Thank you for your recent e-mail. No, the milk products in the Protein Key Shakes are not raw; by law they must be heat processed. We wish it were different.

Question: (Human)
While Protein key was designed to help weight loss, sadly that's not my experience .

If that is your experience you have not used the product as directed. Protein Key™ will most certainly help with weight reduction if used in conjunction with the other recommendations, as explained in the product literature: http://proteinkey.com/?key=all.

No one thing is the answer to any complex health or metabolic problem.

Please review the information in our weight loss program (http://www.wysonghealth.net/wwlp/wwlprogram.php). Also, please read Dr. Wysong's book, The Synorgon Diet. You may order this or obtain it free if you order at some time in the future and remind us of this letter.

Question: (Human)
Hi, I got your email on your new protein products, which look fabulous, but I don't see any difference in the ingredients among the different formulas. Can you clarify for me?

Most of the formulas contain the same ingredients since these ingredients are health enhancing regardless of the condition being addressed. However, their relative ratios vary to more specifically target organ systems.

See also this link: http://proteinkey.com/?key=faq

Question: (Human)
I have a couple of questions on your protein key. I notice all of the different formula's but many of the ingredients are very very close to the same so I am wondering for example, what is in the Sleep/relax formula compared to the others that helps with sleep?

Also I notice that each one has 3.6 grams of saturated fat. I know there are healthy saturated fats so what saturated fats are in the shakes as most saturated fat is bad for you.

Most of the formulas contain the same ingredients since these ingredients are health enhancing regardless of the condition being addressed. However, their relative ratios vary to more specifically target organ systems.

See also this link: http://proteinkey.com/?key=faq.

The unique short and medium chain saturated fats in Protein Key™ are excellent energy sources and not only do not readily contribute to body fat, they discourage it.

Please also see Whole Protein Shake monograph (discusses whole milk and milk fats), Lipid Nutrition and The Cholesterol Myth books.

Question: (Human)

I am considering trying your Protein Key shakes for my family. However, I have been reading a lot about Phytic Acid recently, and it really has my head spinning. Anyway, if I buy into the idea that phytic acid is quite bad and blocks nutrient absorption, then I am concerned with the fact that there are some ingredients, such as rice bran, included in the PK. Can you comment on Dr. Wysong's position on Phytic Acid?


The amount of phytic acid in protein key is very small.

Please keep in mind that substances that could potentially be harmful, can also be helpful at smaller doses. Phytic acid acts as an antioxidant, can reduce oxidative stress, and is helpful in preventing cancer. (Do an Internet search on "health benefits of phytic acid,"--or any other substance you may have heard about the dangers of.)

Further, there are risks associated with any food, if eaten exclusively. If foods are eaten on a rotational basis as part of an IV (intermittent and varied) diet as we recommend (see Optimal Health Program™), toxins from food ingredients won't have the chance to accumulate.

Please see these links for more information:

Toxin Paranoia: http://www.wysong.net/pet-health-and-nutrition/toxin-paranoia.php

So You Think Wysong Uses Toxins in It's Products?: http://www.wysong.net/pet-health-and-nutrition/so-you-think-wysong-uses-toxins-in-its-products.php

Question: (Human)
I have Type II diabetes and have purchased Carboprin to see if it will help in lowering my blood sugars effectively without having to resort to medications, which may have harmful side effects. The only concern that I have is that I am currently on a medication called Novo Gabapentin for chronic pain that I suffer in my feet. Would you be able to let me know if any of the ingredients in Carboprin can be harmful when taken in conjunction with the Gabapentin? I have heard that there are certain herbals that do not interact well with certain medications. I have tried to talk to my doctor about my concerns and he is basically just telling me that there are a lot of people claiming that they can help people with diabetes, but most of it is just a lot of bunk. He just wants me to start taking Avandia and forget about using anything natural to help myself. I disagree with him and it is not the first time I tried to find a natural alternative to a medication that he has wanted to prescribe. Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

We understand the difficulty in trying to get most physicians to think in terms of prevention and cure rather than simply addressing symptoms. They are not trained in this area and thus will tend to advise only on what they know. Our Resource Directory may be helpful to you (Wysong Directory of Alternative Resources). The more knowledge you can gain, the better.

We do not have information available regarding prescription drug interactions. Don't hesitate to contact the drug manufacturer for their opinion on possible interactions.

Please consider the advice in our weight loss program since it would benefit type II diabetic conditions.

We would also recommend the Origins Un-Cereal products and the Protein Key Shakes. These products do not contain refined sugars and are highly nutritious as a snack or meal replacement.