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You guys used to have a comprehensive list of exact terms that were used in pet food labeling and what they meant. I see a few included in articles, but not the nice, long, all inclusive list you used to provide. Do you still have that? I don't want to pay $60.00 for a full copy of AAFCO's book, but I'm not sure if it's anywhere out there without doing that. Thanks!

The only source we know of is the AAFCO book. That changes regularly as well. It is a nightmare. Additionally, if we were to list the full merits of ingredients regulators would ban our products since they feel telling the public that nutrients can positively affect health is illegal.

You should get a copy of Dr. Wysong's book (The Truth About Pet Foods) wherein he describes how regulators spend inordinate time policing words, spacing, and commas on labels while promoting the "100% complete and balanced" pet food myth--to the doom of millions of pets.

Hi. Does your company have a comment on the FDA's newly proposed rule on animal food? (http://www.fda.gov/AnimalVeterinary/NewsEvents/CVMUpdates/ucm372128.htm)

Please tell us specifically what you would like us to respond to and we will try.

Dr. Wysong argues that food safety is important, but only a small part of the challenge to achieve pet health. More onerous regulations that essentially do nothing but burden manufacturers and drive up pricing--we are presently facing a ban in a state because our spacing on a label is 1/4" off- is not a step forward for anyone.

Do you support the proposed rule as is, support it with changes, or oppose it?

In which state are you banned, and when did this happen?

We have not examined the rule but do oppose any further regulation in the pet food industry.

Pet food manufacturers at present are being overwhelmed with regulators from the USDA, FDA, every state regulatory agency, OSHA, HACCP requirements and so on. Labels, websites, and literature are being fine-tooth combed for picayune infractions such as having text a fraction of an inch out of place, calling chicken "meat," saying anything at all about "natural," health having anything to do with nutrition, and on and on. Non-compliance, or even attempting to debate these things with regulators can result in stop sales.

Manufacturers produce packaging by the hundreds of thousands for economy, then have to throw it all into a landfill if one of the 50 state agencies finds a life threatening "infraction" such as noted above.

Without going into detail, problems such as this currently face us in Minnesota for doing nothing other than questioning regulators and saying nothing different on our packaging than thousands of other brands do.

How in the world can you state that your products are safe since they are developed in a "USDA" facility????? As you are well aware, USDA standards when met do not necessarily mean that products are in fact good for human consumption, let alone food for our pets. This is interpreted by many of us who ARE informed that you are only adhering to USDA regs. and not to the actual QUALITY of meats used; i.e. can you honestly state that your meats and meat products are totally free from hormones and antibiotics? That is also to question the type of feed given to your meat subjects? Is the feed enhanced? If the feed is enhanced, then the USDA theory can be swiftly knocked to the side. Just another ploy and simply BS. If you cannot honestly state that your meats are truly wholesome and the animals and feed are totally hormone and antibiotic free, then your claim to "USDA" standards is quite a farce, and preys only upon the unknowing, uninformed consumers, and as any business entity without a conscience you are deceiving the public for your own gratification. (By the way, there IS proof that USDA -- although when properly inspected -- only cares about the cleanliness and hygiene, not the total quality of product as aforementioned.)

Want to do a better business and justice to the public? Then do your homework! Spend more effort and monies and the rest of us will spend more money on TRULY HEALTHY PRODUCTS for ourselves and our pets.

I don't expect to get a personal response from this email. I just had to let you know that what you are doing is NOT THE BEST YOU CAN DO!

We agree that regulations fall short (see: http://truthaboutpetfoods.net/chapter03.php). We only allude to this because the public wants some indication of standards and quality.

If you will read our literature you will see that what we advocate is not arbitrary regulatory standards, but individual discernment and thought--such as you have expressed. See Truth About Pet Foods book, Optimal Health Program, Controversies.

To the degree we are able, we are converting to organic and free range meat sources processed with unique nutrient-preserving TNT (true non-thermal processing)--see our new Optimal Performance, Archetype, Dream Treats, and Uncanny foods.

But we realize and consumers must also, that perfection such as you outline will never be possible. The safeguard is built into the Optimal Health Program™.