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I am tryting to find a product with a healthy fat source. My understanding is that added "chickenfat" is the spun off byproduct fat from poultry processing that may have sat for long periods of time and is then chemically processed. Not what I would want to feed to my dogs. If you have validated information otherwise, I would like to know. Since I would never buy Epigen with that ingredient in it.

The word by-product has nothing to do with the nutritional value of a food. It only has to do with what is or is not tasteful for human whims. In the wild, the model for health, carnivores eat "by-products" every time they consume prey.

In a broad sense, "rendered," means any form of processing or human manipulation. In that sense, most ingredients and products in pet foods are rendered when making the final product. Wysong uses some ingredients, which have been processed (rendered) if these ingredients add superior nutritional qualities to the end product.

The only way to escape all rendering is to obtain wild prey and feed it raw.

As for validation, Wysong chicken fat comes from human grade, FDA and USDA inspected facilities and has been fed to hundreds of thousands of animals through multiple generations for over thirty years with decreased vet bills and long life being consistently reported. Some Wysong fed pets have lived into the unprecedented late twenties!

For more information on the ingredients in Wysong products, please see the learn section on the Wysong website: http://www.wysong.net/learn/.

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