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Safflower Oil

Hello: I am a practicing homeopath and have seen numerous cases of Eosinophilic Granuloma complex in cats; in suggesting Essential Fatty Acids to my clients, I looked to your company for a product. In examining your ingredient list, I find Safflower Oil, which according to Dr. Andrew Weil, should never be used as it oxidizes too quickly; and to eliminate Canola Oil from all diets, as it is heated to extremely high temperatures, bleached, and so highly processed as to being potentially harmful, especially to the heart (source, Nourishing Traditions). Therefore, I am wondering if you would consider eliminating these two oils from your EFA products.

I am also wondering if you have any insights into the very intractable skin condition in cats.

We agree that processing can alter nutritional qualities of foods and supplements (see the dozens of articles in the Learn section).

Wysong E.F.A.™ is carefully prepared through gentle processing methods (the flax seed oil, for example, is cold extracted) and then packaged in light-impervious, nitrogen flushed (oxygen excluded) bottles. Additionally, a special natural Wysong antioxidant helps stabilize the fatty acids against oxidation.

Please see Dr. Wysong's Lipid Nutrition book and EFA™ monograph for more information (including scientific references): http://www.wysong.net/products/monographs/EFA.pdf.

To our knowledge, Dr. Weil is not an expert in lipid biochemistry or food processing and thus his opinion should be weighed against others with better credentials and experience in the field.

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We believe that by following the Optimal Health Program™ you will have the best success in healing this malady.

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