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I see Wysong uses the broad term 'seaweed' on ingredient lists of most of your various pet foods, Archetype for cats as an example. The term is loose and I would like to know exactly what kind of 'seaweed' is used as some seaweeds and/or their extracts, as Wysong surely would know, are good and other seaweed products, carageenan to be specific, are show to create inflamatory processes in the body that lead to disease.

Can you please elaborate on exactly what 'seaweed' is used in the so named ingredient in Archetype for cats. Does the type of 'seaweed' vary from batch/lot/run; whatever you may call it? Does the seaweed used in varying products also vary? If so I will have to follow this contact w/ further questions regarding various other feline products I am considering including in my cats' diet.

Thank you for your assistance in choosing a healthy diet for my 14 cats. I have two cats with inflamatory bowel disease, one w/ congenital heart defects, another with lymphoma, aging cats displaying difficulty jumping, and young cats who run around the house like its a playground - which it really is and I am happy to keep a kitty safe and stimulating home.

Thank you for your assistance. I would love to be able to tell friends on Yahoo!Groups such as feline_lymphoma, feline_FLUTD, geriatric_feline, Feline_herpes, and Feline_megacolon that Wysong is a a good choice for our ailing kitties. But first things first, and then their is the feeding trials to see if my kitties will even like Wysong feline diets.

Thank you for your letter, and for sharing the quotes with which we most heartedly agree.

We use two kinds of seaweed. One is an ancient composted form taken from geologic formations containing over 76 trace minerals. The other is kelp.

After some 35 years feeding these ingredients to tens of thousands of animals through multiple generations we are confident of their safety and effectiveness.