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Specialty Diet

My vet and I were discussing the need for HEALTHY special diet foods and your company name came up. Most that are out there now give very poor nutrtition which defeats the purpose of having a "special" diet. She said that for kidney problems and some of the more common issues, it would only take a little "tweaking" to create a specialty diet. Do you think your company will ever consider doing that? You don't even have to answer me - I just thought I'd throw that idea out to you since there is obviously a need there. I don't know on a cost benefit analysis if it would be a feasible thing in reality for Wysong. One can only hope it might be. : )

Wysong does have a range of prescription foods. See this link http://www.wysong.net/vet/rxdiets/.

The Wysong Rx diet formulated for kidney conditions is Urinary™. Urinary™ is actually based on Wysong's Archetype™ diet, which is a dehydrated raw food. You can feed it dry or add water to it in order to rehydrate it. This diet is designed to provide a concentrated source of natural nutrition combined with nutraceuticals for the specific health problem. It is meant to be more of an adjunct diet, than a sole diet.

Wysong philosophy teaches feeding a variety of rotated diets to all pets, regardless of any health issues. In that respect, a "special" diet is not required.

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I am also going to forward you truth #64 from the Truth About Pet Foods e-mail program, which further discusses "special" diets.

For cats with kidney disease we generally recommend Geriatrx™, which is available in a dry and canned form. You can also try small amounts of Epigen™, Archetype™ or Archetype Buffet™, and the Au Jus™ for added variety. You might also consider PDG™. It contains probiotics and enzymes, which enhance digestion and absorption.

Further, you may wish emphasize Marine Lipids™ or E.F.A. with Fish Oil™. Fish oil contains omega 3 fatty acids, which have anti-inflammatory properties. Fish oil has been shown to be especially helpful for reduction of inflammation and helps to nourish the skin and coat.

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