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We had some questions regarding the Epigen 60 chicken formula. We see that in the ingredients panel it lists "vegetable protein" and then that may be derived from one or more of the following (potato, corn, wheat, etc.) In anticipation of customers questions, we would like to know if these are vegetable protein hydrolysates? Or, are they the high molecular weight proteins as found in the plant. If they are the hydrolysates what method is used? Is it enzymatic, aqueous acid, if so which acid (HCl, H2SO4, etc) , or a combination of these? And if it is not a proprietary secret, what is their role in the overall formulation? Add protein content, help with binding, etc.?

Is the Starch removed by enzymatic means, chemical or both?

What method of protein purification is used? Is it simple extraction, size exclusion chromatography, affinity chromatography, ion exchange, etc?

We would appreciate any information you can provide. Again, if this is all proprietary information can you give us a general answer to these questions we can use for consumer questions.

I have read the Epigen booklet but as a chemist I had more detailed questions...

Our non-proprietary information is: The protein concentrate is not a hydrolysate; it is the protein fraction that is mechanically separated from the starch fraction. The protein is concentrated through the enzymatic solubilization of the starch which is washed away.

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