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Recently switched to your brand. My dog really likes the food. Noticed however his BM's have increased in size by like 4X, no joke! I always thought this was a sign the food had a lot of by-products that weren't being absorbed during ingestion - and in other words, wasted and not good for the animal. How do you guys answer this question?

Thank you for your letter.

Any switch in diet can often create any number of changes.

Since our products modify the digestive cultures, this may result in either increased or decreased stool volume that will in turn change over time. A large part of the dry weight volume of the stool is actually these microorganisms.

The ingredients in Wysong diets are highly digestible and I think over time the true test of the merit of the food will be seen in the results you see in the health of your pet.

For greatest health Dr. Wysong recommends following the Optimal Health Program™, which includes supplements, rotating through the various Wysong diets (dry, canned and non-thermally processed), and whole fresh foods to provide healthy variety.