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Question: (Human)
I would like to know if the Optimal™ vitamins are appropriate for a child almost 11 years old? Also, what other Foundations products would be recommended for her? I am concerned about her eating habits of junk food & other processed foods and would like to get her started on a healthier lifestyle, but I don't know if the Foundation products are for children. Thank you!

The Wysong supplements can be taken by children. We would recommend the Optimal™, Probiosyn™, and rotating through the various fatty acid and antioxidant supplements. The nutrient concentrates, such as the Whole Food Concentrate™ (you would have to experiment with mixing this in foods since it is not particularly palatable alone) and Salad™ would also be beneficial (please see the Wysong website for product details).

Please be sure to include healthy lifestyle choices for best results. It's tough with children but your persistence will yield the long term health they will one day thank you for.

Question: (Human)
Hi Wysong, my son is 13 and is feeling a little low energy. I have tried only dehydrated food supplements like your Whole Food concentrate powder and Protein drink mix, but also wanted to see if you have any more suggestions for him. I offer a wide fresh diet but any suggestions would be appreciated.

It is difficult for us to make a recommendation because we do not know the cause of the problem.

In general, however, following the Optimal Health Program as best you can gives the best chance of covering all the nutritional bases.

To increase energy intake, the Whole Protein Shake, Origins Un-Cereal, Coconut Blend, and Omega-3 Spectrum combined with fruits in shakes will help.

You might consider Dr. Wysong's new book, Living Life As If Thinking Matters for more ideas.

In addition to the Whole Protein Shake and Whole Food Concentrate, we would recommend the Optimal, Probiosyn, and rotating through the various fatty acid and antioxidant supplements.