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I have a lot of questions but cannot get someone on the phone to answer them. I think that is bad PR and it seems like you are trying to hide something. Why should I have to email and wait for a response as your customer service said?

If you have a simple question about ordering, that can be answered on the telephone. However, if you have a concern, complaint, or more involved question, there are many reasons we prefer email communication. None of them have to do with trying to hide anything or lack of concern for customers.

Those reasons are:

1. It is not possible to be staffed with sufficient highly technical personnel with full knowledge of our hundreds of products and the science behind them to answer competently the thousands of possible questions that could be posed on the telephone. Moreover, to attempt to do so would unnecessarily drive the cost of products up.

2. There is too much opportunity for miscommunication and misunderstanding in oral conversations. Written questions permit us to specifically and accurately research and answer questions. This also is the best way for you to focus and frame your questions.

3. Health and nutrition, which Wysong is about, are complicated and very important topics. To fully understand our information often requires more than short and simple answers. That is why Dr. Wysong has written 14 books, writes health newsletters, and the Wysong websites contain thousands of pages of information. A written answer permits us to refer you to more complete information for study and reflection.