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How can Anergen be for both cats and dogs?

Thank you for responding to my question, although the link you provided was very ambiguous and did not give me much information. What the Doctors here at Family Pet Animal Hospital are looking for is a response to this specific sentence found on your info page: "If pet foods are designed properly they should be appropriate for any carnivore". It has been generally understood that canines and felines have different nutritional requirements, so how is the Anergen food formulated "properly" in ways that other foods are not, so that it may suffice for the nutritional needs for both canines and felines?

Wysong foods are holistically designed and emphasize meats and nutraceuticals. This presents a broad spectrum of nutrients for carnivorous metabolism to select from.

In contrast, foods that are reductionistically designed using food fractions, may indeed need different nutrient profiles for canines and felines.

To make this more clear, a food that is created using food fractions and synthetics will need a different menu of amino acids for cats than for dogs. However, a food composed of natural prey meats and organs needs no such precision since the body of either the cat or the dog will select what it needs.

Proof that cats and dogs thrive on the same food can be found throughout nature, and in the hundreds of thousands of animals fed Wysong diets through multiple generations for the past 35 years.