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A Customer called and said ever since she has been feeding Uretic both of her cats drink and urinate excessively. She wants to know what is causing this.

If the food is the cause, it is likely due to the mineral content of the food. The foods are designed to encourage fluid intake and increased urinations and thus decrease the risk of common urinary tract diseases.

I am very concerned with the Uretic formula reviews. Some customers are claiming that it is now a new formula, changed as of 5/2013, and is causing struvite crystal formation, not preventing it. Can you please supply some documentation/testimonials that show otherwise?

With regard to your question, please see this link: http://www.wysong.net/pet-health-and-nutrition/methionine-in-feline-diets.php.

Customer question:


I need to know exactly how much of the above mentioned ingredient your Wysong Uretic contains. I have a cat that has had urinary tract issues , and has been eating your food without any problems, but my vet asked me to find out from your company the exact amount.

Please let me know ASAP.

The Uretic™ is 0.75% DL-Methionine based upon dry matter analysis.

Please keep in mind that natural methionine is only one of the beneficial features in Uretic™ to help achieve urinary health.

Search the Internet for the dangers of high level synthetic methionine: dangers of synthetic methionine in cats.

If you desire higher levels of methionine, we recommend our supplement Biotic pH-™ to add to Uretic™.