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Urinary Stones

Earlier in this year I fed my cat the Wysong Archetype food. I did not use the water rejuvenator as suggested, but did not know that this was imperative. (Is it?)

Anyway she did not use the litter box after a few days on the food. (I was just giving her the chunks, as a treat.) I thought it could be the food, and just stopped giving it to her. About a week ago, I tried the food again - not using the water rejuvenator, and she's urinated outside the litter box in the same area as before, even though we replaced the carpet.

Is there any possibility that the Archetype without the water rejuvenator caused her to have bladder crystals. How important is the water rejuvenator? She has fresh water daily.

You can feed any of the TNT™ diets, including the Archetype™ dry or reconstituted with water. It does not change the nutritional value of the food.

Also, Archetype™, being a mostly meat diet (99% meat), would actually help prevent urinary problems and struvite crystals. A higher meat protein diet helps to promote a more acidic urine pH (lower pH).