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Vitamin A

I have been buying your "Wysong" can food for some time now, and found out from a diet nutritionist at UC Davis, CA, pet hospital, that organ meats should not be fed to dogs and cats on a daily basis.

Reason being, is because the organ meat contains Vitamin A, which cats and dogs store in their livers, and excrete slowly, which can cause toxicity , and ultimately impair their health.

On your can "Wysong" turkey/chicken meat, I read your ingredients which does say that chicken liver, as well as turkey liver is added as part of the meat ingredient.

If meat and poultry livers are toxic to the animal's health, why do you include it in your chicken and turkey meat ? Wouldn't it be better for the animal if you left out the organ meat, and if you wanted to use giblets, hearts and kidney meats, can those separately, as they all work best as a balanced supplemental diet.

Organs have always been part of the natural diet for carnivores. In fact, those parts of the prey animal are usually eaten first. If organ meats were toxic, wild populations would have ceased to exist many years ago.

Wysong diets have been fed to hundreds of thousands of animals through multiple generations for some 35 years. Some of these pets are now living into their late twenties. No Vitamin A toxicity has ever occurred.

Wysong Diets and the method of feeding Dr. Wysong advocates (Optimal Health Program™), create dramatic health results. (http://www.wysong.net/testimonials.php)

In theory, anything can be toxic. To better understand pet food and the safety and toxicity of ingredients, please review the links below.

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So you think Wysong uses toxins in its products