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Vitamin-Mineral Fortification

Hello there,

I am a veterinarian in Belligham Washington, looking into the some of the various pet food companies that many of my clients like to feed. Many people here on the west coast fed raw food, home cook, or feed "natural" diets like Wysong. I have never had a problem reported to me regarding any of your diets.

However, a recent rash of salmonella (not Wysong) contamination reveals some problems with the packaging / manufacturing of kibble in the US. I understand that Wysong owns its own packing plants, so there is no co- packing of other manufacturers food. Are your plants ISO 9001 compliant? If not what sort of certification / quality control is used to ensure food saftey and prevent cross contamination of proteins ?

Additionally, a study presented at AAVN this year found that a significant number of canned cat foods were deficient in thiamine. I have attached the abstract. Does your company test some products post production?

Thank you for your email, questions, and feedback.

We have our own manufacturing facilities, with internal quality control protocols and procedures developed over three decades of manufacturing. These have contributed to Wysong products being among the most safe, and problem-free foods on the market, as you report.

Among other criteria, our plant meets some of the most stringent import/export requirements around the world, including for EU, Israel and S. Korea. All are very strict when it comes to cross contamination of proteins. So yes, our cleanout procedures satisfy the most strict of requirements.

Please also note that Wysong products are pathogen tested, and subjected to a rigorous quality review before being released into the marketplace.

Our policy of optimal vitamin-mineral fortification and advice to not feed one food relentlessly, is the best insurance against vitamin deficiency.