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Customer Complains About Website Information

I'm trying to assess a raw diet for my dog and cats. Your website is very verbose, but for all the volume of words, you omit some really key information. That means I've spent an inordinate amount of time reading a lot of the same things over and over without finding what I need.

Here are a couple things I need to know:

1) You sell by weight but give feeding guidelines by volume. That makes it completely impossible for a Customer to estimate cost. I understand that volume may vary a bit from package to package since they are packed by weight, but obviously that averages out quickly and you could easily tell us, on average, what a cup of each type of food weighs. I would like that information for Archetype and Archetype buffet so I can estimate how many packages per day I would have to buy.

2) Here: http://www.wysong.net/pet-health-and-nutrition/feeding-amount-guidelines.php you say a 50lb animal should get three Archetype Burgers patties per day. Here:

http://www.wysong.net/products/labels/ARCHBURG.pdf you say the same animal should get two patties per day. That's an enormous difference.

Something like that takes a huge toll on your credibility. Which one is the error?

3) Ultimately what I'm trying to find out is how much of each of the raw diets I'll need for my animals. Maybe you can just tell me, which would simplify things:

Toby: Dog. Siberian Husky. 64 lbs. 4 years old. Healthy.

Smudge: Cat. American Shorthair. 9 lbs. 4 years old. Healthy.

Bear: Cat. American Shorthair. 12 lbs. 4 years old. Healthy.

Plus some more feedback:

1) You push your website visitors into this "Personal Recommendations" process, but all it spits out at the far end is a uselessly generic list of foods for that kind of animal. It's a good concept, but you put so little effort into implementing it that it's just another waste of time. For example if you asked about weight, activity level, and perhaps owner's nutritional goals and concerns, then you could actually make a meaningful and useful recommendation and maybe even help a pet owner set priorities for their pet food concerns. What a wasted opportunity.

2) With all the varieties, where is the comparison chart? The descriptions of each type of food are so skewed to flowery marketing nonsense that it's very difficult to understand the differences among the products. It's obvious to you all, you work for Wysong. For the rest of us, it's just a bunch of product names that we need to sort out for ourselves. A little help here?

So, "Wysong products, and especially our information, make it easy to be healthy and fit because true health comes from an informed mind. "

is a nice warm fuzzy bit of cliché marketing speak, but the website isn't living up to it. Less hype, more unadorned information. If the products are really that good, let the facts speak for themselves.

"5. Q: Does this make you different from other companies?

A: We think so. For most companies the emphasis is on marketing. "


Sorry to be so critical, but I was really hoping to get solid factual help from your site, and instead I left more confused than ever, and disgusted by the lack of respect for your Customers' ability to think for themselves. I still think your product may be the best thing for my animals, but I was closer to choosing Wysong BEFORE I visited your site than I am now.

Thank you for your recent letter.

Your frustration and confusion is because we purposely do not prescribe specifics because that is not what healthy nutrition is about. Rather, we try to teach principles that will empower people to feed intelligently on their own. This is counter to brands that pretend that pets need precise doses, specific shapes of nuggets, different foods for different times of the day, ages, breeds, etc.

If you have reviewed our information you will see that we do not advocate feeding any one food exclusively. The "verbosity" you note is because it is very difficult to communicate this concept to a public brainwashed with "100% complete" pet food propaganda. It is not marketing, as you assert, since if people were to follow our advice exactly they would feed no packaged foods, even ours.

The cost of feeding Wysong depends upon many factors, including which foods you feed, how you rotate them, the activity level and size of your pets.

The price for each product is listed on each respective product page on the Wysong website. You can find our feeding guidelines here: feeding guidelines. The feeding guidelines are a good place to start (feed based upon your pet's current weight), and then adjust accordingly. Remember that the guidelines are based upon averages; you will need to adjust them to meet the needs of your pet, depending on biochemical individuality, activity level, age, breed and so forth.

Also, for your reference, the Archetype™ bag contains approximately 5 cups of food, the Archetype Buffet™ bag contains approximately 13 cups of food, and there are 8 burgers in each canister of Archetype Burgers™.