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One of your recommendations was Senior dry, I read the ingredients and one of them is potato. I thought this is considered a starch and has a lot of carbohydrates? As you know my dog is overweight. Is this ingredient ok for my dog to eat in your dry dog food? In your email you said to increase meat protein/fat and decrease grain carbohydrates.

What is considered grain carbohydrates? Epigen Chicken has chicken meal, Epigen Vension has vension meal, Epigen fish has fish meal. What is chicken meal, vension meal, fish meal? I like Wysong dog food and the fact that Wysonghas a variety and so does my dog too. I am also walking my dog more often. Thank you.

Grain carbohydrates include whole corn, wheat, rice oats, etc. Potatoes do have starch, but foods containing carbohydrates can be fed in rotation, along with the other high meat diets I recommended (i.e. Epigen™, Au Jus Canned™, Archetype™). As you noted, it is recommended to decrease carbohydrates; not completely eliminate them.

The more you want to cause weight loss, the more you shift toward the starch-free products.


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The meat meals are dried meats and organs.