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A Critique Of Wysong

Note that this site calls itself "independent" but the criticisms they list below are taken directly from Natura/Innova materials
The critique is in italics and broken apart to permit addressing each claim.
Inadequate meat content,
XXX Some Wysong Diets are 100% meat, how is that "inadequate?"
use of low quality grains,
XXX Untrue, see Are grains healthy?
fat of unidentifiable origin.
XXX Untrue, all Wysong fat is identified as to origin.
The first ingredient is a named meat source. But this is chicken inclusive of it’s (SIC) water content (about 80%).
XXX Untrue, it is 65-70% as is all real fresh meat like animals eat in the wild.
Once that is removed, as it must be to make kibble, the ingredient will weigh around 20% of its wet weight and is likely to be more accurately placed much further down the ingredient list. This is the sole meat product in the food.
XXX But note that they do not state how much meat that is. The best way to get an idea is to compare Wysong protein content to that of other brands, including the one behind this critique. Some Wysong dry diets are 70% protein, the highest in the entire industry. There is also the implication that one meat source is somehow inadequate. Do people sit down to dinner with 3 or 4 meat sources? Do carnivores in the wild sit down to three or four meat sources? Companies can use multiple meat sources to create the impression of a lot of meat—in other words deceive consumers—when there is actually no more, and even less meat than in common grocery store brands. Read the protein levels, not the rhetoric of clever marketing.

The primary ingredient in this food is corn (it should be meat!).
XXX Untrue. The critic has no such knowledge. Additionally many Wysong Diets do not have corn.
Corn is a problematic grain that is difficult for dogs to digest and thought to be the cause of a great many allergy and yeast infection problems.
XXX That is a myth created to convince people to use products with such things as potato starch and other inferior starch sources. (Are grain free pet foods the way to health?)In fact, corn and many other boogeyman grains are far superior to the alternative starches used by companies who perpetuate this myth.
 We prefer not to see this used in dog food.
XXX Who is the "we," and what has given them the scientific knowledge and expertise to speak with authority to guide the public. Wysong has been fed to tens of thousands of animals through multiple generations for some thirty years with the exact opposite results that some self-proclaimed pet food gurus are claiming. We have grown by word of mouth because of dramatic health results. We obviously could not have survived and would not continue to grow if what is implied in the claims is true.
Also, our company is headed by Dr. Wysong who has authored some 14 books on health and nutrition, invented hundreds of medical, health, and nutrition products, and custom built an entire food processing plant. We also have the confidence of over 260 veterinary clinical consultants countrywide.
Corn appears a second time in the ingredients, this time as gluten meal. The AAFCO definition of corn gluten meal is "the dried residue from corn after the removal of the larger part of the starch and germ, and the separation of the bran by the process employed in the wet milling manufacture of corn starch or syrup, or by enzymatic treatment of the endosperm." In plain English, that which remains after all the nutritious bits have been removed.
XXX Untrue. In truthful, full disclosure English, the gluten is the most nutritious part of corn containing the majority of the protein. It is also the most expensive part. This critique would have readers believe that corn starch—which is actually a polysugar—and fiber are superior to protein.
The writer does not seem to have even an elementary understanding of nutrition, health, ingredients, or food processing, but rather an agenda to bash Wysong and promote another brand.