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"Bugs, Mice and Grass"

Dear Wysong:

I'm no pet expert, I have owned several cats in my life time, but barely spend more than the price of a can of friskies to feed them. I know, I know, I'm inhumane. Deal with it.

I know that my opinion on this matter will fall on deaf ears, but I still feel compelled to voice it.

You guys are insane.

Your company has claimed that certain items contained within pet foods are not a natural food source of cats.

Well, in my experience, the only thing my cats have eaten when they go outside (is that still allowed, or is that now considered an unnatural place for cats?) is bugs, mice, small birds, and grass.

Do your cats hunt big game in Africa? Or are they like mine and eat mice, small birds, bugs, and grass?

Would you guys fully support a line of cat-food that exclusively canned mice, small birds, bugs and grass?

If so, I can start whipping them up right now. Where can I start sending my "completely natural; all natural" cat food?

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your letter. 

Our point seems to have been lost.

We have detailed the logical principles and scientific evidence with regard to healthy nutrition. Truly natural nutrition for pets is not possible for them without turning them loose in the wild. That does not mean we cannot try to mimic the natural diet as much as possible. Once the ideal is understood, people can then compromise as they choose.  Nobody can feed perfectly, nor are we asking them to. 
Your criticism seems to be more of a tirade than an interest in dialogue.  If you can cite specific errors we have made we would be happy to change, or give you the reasons for our position...so you can change.