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Di Calcium Phosphate (DCP)

Q: I have recently read that Di calcium phosphate (DCP) is used in dog foods as a binding agent. The article went on to say that DCP is mined from deposits within the earth and may have a high percentage of harmful impurities, one of which is lead - something I most definitely would not want my dogs to ingest. Since it is one of the ingredients listed on the Wysong Senior™ dog food label, can you please tell me about YOUR DCP?  How pure is your DCP? Has it been tested? Since learning of this, I have found out that some dog food companies have canceled the use of DCP.

A: Di Calcium phosphate is a natural product used to supplement the major minerals, calcium and phosphorus.  It is not used as a binding agent.

Please keep in mind that every ingredient can be shown to be toxic in one form or another and at one dose or another--even oxygen and water can be toxic.   Dicalcium phosphate has been used in foods for over 100 years with no reports of lead toxicity that we know of.  Wysong products have been fed to tens of thousands of animals over multiple generations for nearly 30 years.  Not one case of lead toxicity has ever been reported.  Fantastic results to health and well being have been reported, however. 
It is a common practice now in the pet food industry to demonize various ingredients in order to create markets.  This is all a distraction to pet owners since there are far more important factors to consider in pet feeding. 

Quality natural foods fed in variety as described in the Wysong Optimal Health Program™  is the best avenue to health and the prevention of toxicity, not finding a pet food without a supposed toxin and then feeding that exclusively.