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Grain Free Pet Food

A little history - When Wysong pet foods were first formulated in the early 1980s, special attention was paid to ingredients, not just - as was the common practice at that time - percentages of protein and the like.

Then Wysong introduced the idea of archetypal feeding. That means diets for pets should be predominantly meat, meals should be varied, and raw foods should be at least rotated into the diet. These concepts remain critical for pet owners to understand if health is their objective. Some manufacturers, looking for an edge in the market, are attempting to capitalize on these concepts. (See Raw Pet Food Deceptions Exposed.)

Doing so is one thing. Not doing so and leading the public to believe you are, is quite another.

The "no grains" claim on a pet food is made to lead people to believe there is either something wrong with grains or that the food is predominantly meat. The claim also implies that a "no-grain" food is better or safer than all the products that have grains.

Grains are added to dry extruded pet food kibble because the starch they contain permits the kibble to form in processing - similar to popcorn popping. If grains are not used, then some other form of starch must be used, such as potato or tapioca. The starch in grain is essentially the same as starch from anything else. Starch is starch and there is no reason to believe the starch in grains is somehow uniquely inferior or dangerous compared to other starches. In fact, the nutritional value of grains is superior, particularly to tapioca. (See What Are The Healthier Grains?)

Although it is true that starch is not a natural component of a carnivore's diet, simply substituting one starch for another does not solve the problem. Pet foods that contain starch and have the "no grain" claim is like saying you are on a "no water" diet because some sources of water are polluted, but then drinking water anyway.

Companies who attempt to demonize grains (corn, wheat, etc.) and soy omit the fact that the meats they use come from animals fed primarily corn and soy. Even organic chickens are fed this diet. Although it is true that animals convert these ingredients into flesh, it is hypocritical to demonize soy, corn, etc., and then use meat products raised on them.

Feeding in variety and using true all meat foods is the solution. Examples include Wysong Au Jus™ canned varieties, and the Wysong TNT™ processed raw cat and dog foods such as Archetype™, Dream Treats™, and UnCanny™.

"Hiding" the starch in the formula by using potato or tapioca does not make a food more meatier than a grain based pet food.

*There is now an exception to this rule. Wysong has developed a method at its processing facilities to extrude high meat kibbles (70+%) without the use of any added starch or carbohydrates.