Blood Sugar

I have been giving my ferret both the wet food and the dry Ferret Epigen 90. My ferret has been having problem with extremely high blood sugar since hse started eating the Epigen 90. I talked to a technical person many months ago who informed me that the Ferret Epigen 90 is made with an ingredient that could raise blood sugar levels. He said that a sugar like base is used to help form and keep the kibble together. I am just writing again to find out if this is possibly. Is there ANYTHING in the ingredients in Epigen 90 that could possibly cause elevate the blood sugar levels in a ferret. Your prompt response is greatly appreciated, as my ferret is in the Veterinarian hospital and I need to get info to give the veterinarian ASAP.

The Ferret Epigen 90™ is 90% meat and does not contain any starches, or sugars. The information given to you over the phone, or its interpretation, was incorrect with regard to Epigen 90.

Give Epigen™ more time to help balance metabolism. Also consider varying the diet as suggested in the Optimal Health Program™, with an emphasis on the raw foods.

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