Changes in diets

I have 4 Australian Cattle Dogs (2 male adn 2 female, ranging in age from 1-8 years old|). They've only been fed Wysong Maintenance (80%) and Anergen (20%) for their entire life (I've fed Wysong excluively since 1996). Within the last 3-4 weeks, my dogs (1 male/1 female) have developed a red rash on their bellies and are chewing/scratching like crazy, with the remaining ones chewing and scratching, although not to the same extent. They do not, nor have they ever had fleas and I can't account for the symptoms. I know I had a similar situation with uncontrollable itching and scratching (especially on my other male), which developed a while back and was narrowed down to fish oil derived from mackrel/anchovy/sardine. Once I eliminated that from their diets, life was back to normal. The other change I realized lately is on my lawn. Where my dogs urinated, the grass was much greener and taller than the surrounding grass. Now, I have mny brown, dead patches of grass where they urinate. I know there were some changes made recently with your products (now called Adult) and I'm wondering if these changes may account for or contribute to the changes I've seen? This is the only real thing that's changed in their lives and I'm truing to narrow down the cause one thing at a time. Thank you for your help.

Thank you for your recent e-mail. We are sorry for the problems you are experiencing.

First, please know that all of our recent formulation updates were implemented in the interest of improving the nutrition of the diets. This has always been our foremost goal.

We encourage you to visit the following web pages to learn the rationale behind the new formulations and for each of our ingredients ( and

The Adult™ and Anergen™ formulas contained fish. This was added to formulations to contribute protein, as well as healthful omega-3 fatty acids. We have no scientific or anecdotal evidence that fish, in particular, cause allergies in pets. In fact, the fatty acid content of fish is anti-inflammatory and will actually improve any skin or coat issues related to allergies. See:

However, due to several people indicating that they believe their pets will react adversely to the new formulations, we have decided to remove this ingredient from the Anergen™ and supply omega-3s from other sources.

The new fishless formulation of Anergen™ should be available in October. If you would be so kind, please tell us how the problems you mentioned behave with this change.

If the lawn spotting persists, perhaps you could try diluting the diets with another not so concentrated in proteins, such as Vegan™ or Senior™.

If the allergy-like signs continue, consider our new Omega-3 Spectrum rotated with our other essential fatty acid supplements.