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I have a cat who had been/is diabetic. I got fed up with the Vet's continuous, and expensive, testing so I decided to change her food. She was eating diabetic food from the Vet's office. she is now completely off the kibble, and I mix the wet with meat -- chicken and tuna mostly. Chicken that I cook, and tuna that is very low sodium. She is completely off insulin, and drinks and pees normally. I imagine the Vet will be angry when I take her in.

BUT, she does like kibble. she gets about 4-6 grains a day, plus a vitamin. Yes I count out 4-6 grains, more as a treat. I use, again, the diabetic food from the vet. But I thought if I bought your kibble (which was on the diabetic cat recommedations from that little survey I took on your website), she had a BIG backward downturn. She drank and peed a lot that day. I have to say, I was suprised to see "potato protein" on the ingredients list. That should have made me suspicious. I've NEVER heard that potatoes had protein.

So, what are you guys thinking???

Potatoes are comprised of about 2% protein and it is one of the highest value proteins available. Potato protein will not cause a sugar (diabetic) reaction, as will sugar or starch from any source.

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Cat Feeling Better
"My diabetic cat has been feeling much better since switching to Epigen 90™ dry food and Au Jus™ wet food...Thanks so much!"

Geriatrx™ and Epigen™ Help Diabetic Cat Off of Insulin
"I just wanted you to know that I have been buying your cat food for about three years now. I have three cats, two of which are elderly. My stepson moved back in our house about 8 months ago with his two cats so there are three younger cats in the house; they are about 2 years old. My oldest cat, who is about 14, developed diabetes which is why I started using your food. Until then I had been feeding him one of the more expensive varieties of Science Diet®, thinking I was feeding one of the best quality pet foods, it certainly was expensive enough. When Candy had to go on insulin, I did my research and found Wysong and started feeding Geriatrx™ for the dry food. Since then he was been off of insulin a good deal of the time. His last episode of high blood sugar only lasted about 3 weeks and I was able to take him back off of the insulin. Since Epigen™ came out I have been feeding a variety of Geriatrx™ and Epigen™ and he has not had to be on insulin at all. I recently took the three younger cats for their annual checkup and vaccinations and the vet told me they were some of the cleanest and healthiest cats he has seen. I am on the board and deeply involved in a local no-kill animal adoption facility and know the vet very well so he didn't just say that to be nice, he said it because he felt that way about my cats.

Epigen™ Improves Life For Diabetic Pug
"I have recently purchased and began providing my 3-year-old Pug (weight 15.4kg) with Wysong Epigen™. She was diagnosed with diabetes in March 2012, and has been given Hills Science Diet w/d food until now. Prior to trying your food, she had skin lesions on her paws, her glucose was unstable, and behavior tired & sad. Since feeding her Wysong it's been immediate positive turn around. Blood tests are showing her insulin needs to be reduced now. Thank you in advance for your assistance."

E-Mail – Diabetic Cat in Remission on Epigen™
"...Now all the 11 cats are on Epigen™ after the steroid induced diabetes experience.And you can tell Dr. Wysong, that I believe my cat is now in remission after only 2 months of NO CARBOHYDRATES, whatsoever."