Wow, you people are way off base! Grains are the NUMBER ONE cause of allergies!!!

You would be served well to change your formula to that of ORIJEN. Look it up and learn something, most MD's, Vets and even common knowledge and producers of Dog Food know.

Thank you for your letter. Wysong is headed by Dr. Wysong and we are affiliated with over 300 Veterinary Clinical Consultants. Wysong has a 35 year history and has pioneered virtually every holistic and natural pet food innovation that promotes health. Our foods have been fed to hundreds of thousands of animals through multiple generations. The results are health, not disease (see We are neither inexperienced nor naive.

We do not disagree that grains can cause allergy...but so can any other ingredient, particularly if fed relentlessly. There is no controlled scientific study proving that grains are the "number one allergen", only perpetuated myth and lore. Please note the following:

"...Diagnosis requires dietary elimination-challenge trials and cannot be made on the basis of clinical signs, routine clinicopathological data, serum antigen-specific IgE assay, gastroscope food sensitivity testing or gastrointestinal biopsy..." Guliford, W. Grant, et al. Food Sensitivity in Cats with Chronic Idopathic Gatrointestinal Problems. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine, 15 (1), 7-13, 2008. In other words, there is no way to determine the tolerance to a food by merely evaluating an ingredient label.

We have formulated over 100 animal foods and supplements with a range of ingredients, including those that contain no grains, to permit people to maximize pet health with rotation and variety.

Information in the 14 books Dr. Wysong has written, our websites, and,, and the 100 Pet Health Truths will clarify why just a focus on grains is not the path to health.

I receive & enjoy your email newsletters, but I must comment on the ingredients Wysong chooses. I see many of your formulas have a fair amount of grain in them, particularly corn. I personally shun this ingredient, as well soy & canola oil, as these are more than likely a GMO product. More & more research & disclosure proves these un-natural, man-made, genetically altered grains are very detrimental to all those who ingest it. It won't be long til we see full scale fall of human health, which will be preceded by our animals health, from long term constant ingestion of these "franken-foods"

Also, these grain based ingredients are of particularly a concern for cats, who are pretty much carnivores.

Might I suggest a further objective (not sourced form gov't or those w/ interests in this industry) investigation on Wysong's part into GMO's and the part they play in human & animal health, as well as the reason behind adding so much grain to cat's food.

First, Wysong ingredients are GMO-free as available.

For more information about ingredients, please see the Learn section of the Wysong website:

There are risks associated with any food if fed exclusively. If foods are given to animals on a rotational basis as part of an IV (intermittent and varied) diet with fresh fruits and vegetables and raw meats as we recommend (see Optimal Health Program), risk is evidenced by Wysong's experience with hundreds of thousands of animals through multiple generations for over 35 years.

The only way for you to reliably feed non-GMO foods is to buy each certified ingredient separately and prepare your own meals. But the rotational program described above is the best option if health is the objective.

Pet foods that claim to be "grain-free" actually have an inferior substitute such as GMO potato, peas or tapioca. Wysong uses grains in some foods for their nutritional and price benefits. Corn is no longer used in Wysong foods.

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To better understand pet food and the safety and toxicity of ingredients, please review the links below.

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Your article reads "Companies who attempt to demonize grains (corn, wheat, etc.) and soy omit the fact that the meats they use come from animals fed primarily corn and soy. Even organic chickens are fed this diet. Since an animal cannot be something better than the food it eats, it is misleading to claim the demerits of soy, corn, etc. and then use meat products raised on them."

With all due respect carnivores eat different things because they have different physiology. What you have hear is like saying cows eat grass and hay and since they are no better than what they eat its ok to feed your dog grass? Since we all know dogs dong eat grass for food we should not use beef raised on grass. Please use good science and logic not the same advertising "rationalizations" as the vet food companies. Different digestive systems will process different carbohydrates differently you know that yet you say something so biologically incorrect????

I am so disappointed.. I use some of your holistic products and now I wonder if that's just as much bad info?

Understood. However, we were pointing out a principle to those who demonize grains and yet use the animals raised on them. We were not suggesting that grains are the appropriate food for carnivores. Quite to the contrary, please see the following links:


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