Question: (Human)
I have found out that due to a bowel operation and the long time I was on antibiotics, I'm now suffering from a systemic yeast infection and I believe it is severe.

I'm going to have to restrict my diet and one of the things recommended is a high protein diet. Important is that nothing conflicts with the yeast protocol. Can you tell me if your new Protein Key products will be an option for me and which one you recommend?

Consider Protein Key™ Shakes. We would also recommend the Immune and/or Recovery formulas. Also consider the High Protein UnCereal™ and the Wysong Peanut Butter Plus™ as part of your higher protein diet.

You might also want to consider Pancidrim™ and WellSpring™. The Antioxidant Spectrum™, and Krill Oil™ or Marine Lipids™ supplements may also be helpful.

Please review the Optimal Health Program for guidance.