I'd like more detailed information that what is listed in the links you've listed.

The issues of GMO, pesticides, herbicides (in the source of the meat) are not addressed.

The questions you ask cannot be properly addressed with simple answers. The answers are, however, contained in the links sent to you. We may seem evasive, but that is because the question is leading to and can result in improper conclusions in light of the method of feeding Wysong advises.

As stated in the meats article, the availability and quality of non-GMO, free range, and organic ingredients is variable. We cannot, therefore, reliably obtain these ingredients. However, if feeding is approached by the method explained in the Optimal Health Program™, dangers are minimized. All Wysong products are tested before release into the market, but we cannot guarantee that the products are 100% "toxin" free since virtually no animal or human tissue can be tested and found to be completely free of any potentially toxic, ubiquitous substance. But remember, the dose makes the poison. See Toxin Paranoia:

Paraphrased from a phone conversation.

The customer is concerned about the fish in the Chicken Gourmet being contaminated with chemicals, toxins etc.. She wants to know what kind of fish. Also concerned about soybeans; are they tested for pesticides and round up. She also wanted to know what extruded means, and she thinks that black pepper and garlic are toxic.

The fish in the Gourmet Diets™ are mackerel and trout.

it is important to understand that there are no foods, natural or otherwise, that are free from any potential toxicity. Even water and oxygen are toxic at high enough doses. So the issue with regard to food safety is dosage, not presence or absence of potential toxins.

There are risks associated with any processed foods, and even unprocessed foods, if fed exclusively. If foods are given to animals on a rotational basis as part of an IV (intermittent and varied) diet with fresh fruits and vegetables and raw meats as we recommend (see Optimal Health Program™), any possible toxins from food ingredients won't have the chance to accumulate.

Also be aware that Wysong products have been formulated by Dr. Wysong who has researched health, nutrition, and food processing for over 35 years and written 13 books on such matters. Wysong also has over 250 veterinary Clinical Consultants. We are not just a marketing firm, but a scientific and educational organization serious about health and with our own manufacturing facilities.

Nothing is in the products by accident. Everything is designed with health as the objective. Wysong foods have been fed for 35 years to tens of thousands of animals through multiple generations. Quite simply, the products work! They, and the method of feeding Dr. Wysong advocates, create dramatic health results. (

Thus whatever you have heard about this or that ingredient as used by Wysong causing harm simply cannot be true. A belief can never defeat actual results. Also keep in mind that such rumors are often perpetuated by pet food marketers who attempt to make demons out of competing products.

To better understand pet food and the safety and toxicity of ingredients, please review the links below.



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Toxin Paranoia:

100 Pet Health Truths Newsletter:

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Wysong Processing methods (explains extrusion):

Thanks for the load of information, however none of it answered the questions I asked. I need straight forward real answers.
The questions you ask cannot be properly addressed with simple answers. Also, assuming health is your goal. the answers you seek, if given simply, would perpetuate the misunderstandings you have. All answers that will help you achieve health are contained in the links sent to you.

Does Wysong check for the level of toxicity of the fish they are using in the cat food?
The fish are tested, but not for the thousands of potential toxins that could be present.

Where does Wysong get the supply of fish, fish farms, wild caught, etc.?
A mix depending upon availability and cost.

Is the pet food checked for a level of pesticides to be sure contamination is kept low as possible.
Testing for all potential toxins would be cost prohibitive. Most ingredients are tested for some of the more common toxins.

Wysong should be able to give honest straight forward answers to these questions.
We have, but as the information sent to you explains, focusing on a "toxin free" food will make no difference in your pet's health unless you follow the princples in the optimal health program™. There are tens of thousands of natural and synthetic toxins. Recognizing this reality and feeding as in the optimal health program is the key to health.