Why are all of your Epigen ingredients not GMO free, instead of just some of the chicken? Seems like the product is ruined by the non-organic parts. For the cost, it seems like I should get all organic. After reading all of Dr. Wysong's stuff, I am so disappointed that your products are tainted like this.

Your concerns are understood and we wish there were no other factors to consider when formulating than the purity of ingredients.

But there are, starting off with the fact that it is impossible in our modern world to obtain perfect and pure foods. There are tens of thousands of both natural and synthetic toxins in foods. Even organics are not perfect. Many fat soluble toxins (e.g.ethoxyquin) are now so ubiquitous that they can be measured in every human and animal tissue.

To create a pristine food, as it appears you expect us to do, would require enormous costs in ingredients and purity testing driving the price far beyond anyone's reach. Tests alone for each batch of product made and for each ingredient would cost tens of thousands of dollars. Are you suggesting that you would pay that cost wrapped up in a product price no matter what it is? If not, what do you expect Wysong to do? The desire for perfect purity and low cost are incompatible.

If you say you are prepared to absorb that cost, then you should consider preparing your own foods at home whereby you can carefully scrutinize each ingredient. But do understand, even then you would not have a pure food as noted above. For us as a manufacturer trying to address the needs of the many while not compromising health, striving for a perfectly pure food with every package tested and verified, is not feasible.

All foods are a compromise to one degree or another. Cost dictates the degree. We have produced completely organic products in the past, but these valuable and costly products aged on shelves to eventually be discarded. We will continue to periodically try, but are not confident consumers will embrace the economics.

In the meantime, we would argue that our products are not tainted nor unhealthy. Quite the opposite. Although Wysong would like to be totally organic and strives for the best possible health options within affordable price ranges, for perspective, one must keep in mind that there is no scientific evidence whatsoever that any pet has been harmed because the foods they are eating are not organic.

A far more important issue in pet feeding is the common practice of singular feeding of starch-based diets. Even if you were to feed all organic starch-based foods in this way, health would be at risk for the reasons outlined in the Epigen website. Since this has and does cause millions of animals to suffer disease and death (real, as opposed to the hypothetical about ingredient purity), we have addressed this with Epigen.