Skin color change

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My two dogs have been eating Epigen 90 & Epigen 60 for almost a year now. Our white shepherd mix, Dutch was diagnosed with food (potatoes, soy, corn etc.) & environmental allergies. After much research we found your starch free food. They love it. Dutch is eating the 90 & our German shepherd, Kemah eats the 60. Our concern is Dutch's nose was dark black & has faded to pink over the summer & remains pink. Kemah's nose is also starting to fade from black to pink & a small pink mark on her lip has gotten bigger. Neither of them have thyroid problems & seem to be in good health. We are suspecting they are not getting a vitamin or mineral I'm their diet. In addition to the Epigen they do get pollock oil, fruits, Veggies & yogurt. Occasionally some cooked meat. They are given bully stick Chews that are made in the us. Could they just need a mutiny vitamin added to their diet or could there be something else? Have you had any other clients with similar issues? We are starting to panic now that our second dogs is starting.

Please let me know your thoughts...

Loss of pigmentation can be due to a variety of causes including aging, allergies (perhaps latent effects in your case), and seasonal changes. This is not life threatening and need only be of concern if in the sun a lot. In that case, use sunscreens.

It is also unlikely that they are in need of extra vitamins. However, we do recommend rotating the diet for optimal health. In addition to the Epigen™, consider the Anergen™, Synorgon™, the TNT™s, and the new Fundamentals™ diet, which all are helpful for dogs with allergies. If you wish to use supplements, consider these: AddLife™ or C-Biotic™ and EFA™.