In the past I have noticed that you appear to promote industrial soy products as a healthy diet choice, as most vegetarians believe. I am sure you mean well, but if you examine this you will find strong (irrefutable) evidence that new non-traditional soy products from corporate agribusinesses are very far from healthy. I strongly suggest you look at two books that have recently appeared on the topic: Soy: the dark side of America's favorite health food, by Kaalya Daniels, and The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Kieth, which just came out. Not to omit that soy production is the number one reason for the destruction of primaeval rainforest in South America.
Thank you for the otherwise interesting health information.

Thank you kindly for that information.

Our research staff is quite familiar with the pros and cons of most foods and thus we do not really "promote" soy (or vegetarianism), nor do we single it out for condemnation. Pretty much anything in agribusiness can be found to have a dark side.

Thus we promote eating as nature intended, as described in the Optimal Health Program™.

Your article reads "Companies who attempt to demonize grains (corn, wheat, etc.) and soy omit the fact that the meats they use come from animals fed primarily corn and soy. Even organic chickens are fed this diet. Since an animal cannot be something better than the food it eats, it is misleading to claim the demerits of soy, corn, etc. and then use meat products raised on them."

With all due respect carnivores eat different things because they have different physiology. What you have hear is like saying cows eat grass and hay and since they are no better than what they eat its ok to feed your dog grass? Since we all know dogs dong eat grass for food we should not use beef raised on grass. Please use good science and logic not the same advertising "rationalizations" as the vet food companies. Different digestive systems will process different carbohydrates differently you know that yet you say something so biologically incorrect????

I am so disappointed.. I use some of your holistic products and now I wonder if that's just as much bad info?

Understood. However, we were pointing out a principle to those who demonize grains and yet use the animals raised on them. We were not suggesting that grains are the appropriate food for carnivores. Quite to the contrary, please see the following links:


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