I wanted to let you know I use your products, such as Synorgon, and the canned Au Jus foods.

I was on a forum and saw this comment, and became a little concerned, and wanted some feedback from your point of view.

RE: Wysong

No, I didn't read that one about 'How to Apologize to Your Pet', but from what I did read I find some hypocrisy. Wysong will readily admit they feel a dog is truly a carnivore. However if take a look at the ingredients, they don't exactly scream carnivore, especially considering some of the proteins sources. Organic Mung Bean Sprouts....WHAT? What the heck is that anyway? I do know however, the FDA has identified Mung Bean Protein as suspect ingredient in the pet food recall. I don't know if the Organic Sprouts and Mung Bean Protein are the same, could be apples and oranges but in all honesty it doesn't sound very carnivore if you ask me and sounds sort of like it's Chinese?

First, no Wysong products/ingredients were affected or are affected by any recalls. Wysong" is not a Chinese, but a French-German derivation of Vincent, as in Vincent de Paul.

In reply to the claim that Wysong is hypocritical, please take a deeper look at the Wysong Optimal Health Program™ (http://wysong.net/wohp/). The pyramid chart lists from top to bottom the best feeding scenario to the worst feeding scenario. If one were to follow it to the best possible diet, they would not feed any processed foods, including Wysong, but only raw prey as the pet would eat in the wild. However, since we are in modern times one cannot just release a pet in the wild to easily follow what nature intended. Wysong has developed a line of diets (meant to be rotated; as no single diet should ever be fed exclusively, no matter how good it is) that most closely mimic what the pet would eat in the wild, allowing for convenience of the owner but also healthy food choices for the pet. All Wysong pet foods (with the exception of the Vegan product) are meat based. The other ingredients in the products are at levels in which the pet would eat in the wild as part of the prey ingesta (stomach and intestinal contents of herbivores). Additionally, the Wysong diets are meant to be supplemented with fresh foods, such as meats, fruits and vegetables (raw is best).

The diet that contains organic mung sprouts is the Archetype™ diet, which is 99%+ meat. The Dream Treats™ also contains sprouts, and these diets are also 99%+ meat. The rest of the ingredients (including the sprouts) make up the other 1%. So you can see that sprouts are a very minute part of the product. Sprouts provide vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids such as lysine. We invite you to do an internet search on sprouts for more information on their exceptional nutritional value.