Could you please enlighten me the true status of Thiamine Mononitrate. At one well known website,, it was mentioned that Thiamine Mononitrate is a fat-soluble synthetic B1. At another site, it was mentioned that it is a water-soluble B1. I know that in its natural form, B1 is water-soluble. In that case, which version of the synthetic is correct.

Thank you for your recent e-mail. Please review this link regarding vitamins:

For further information on whether the vitamin is water or fat soluble, an Internet search will reveal that it is contested.

As to whether the vitamins we use cause any of the alarmist toxicities urban legend is promoting, no such toxicity has occurred in Wysong products in the past 35 years feeding hundreds of thousands of animals through multiple generations.

For more information to help you evaluate the continuing stream of Internet scares about toxicities, see this site

Thanks for the prompt reply. I have searched the internet and found the status of Thiamine Mononitreate as water or fat soluble is commented by and - it is fat soluble. - it is water soluble.

As Wysong also use Thiamine Mononitrate in their recipes, I would like to know what is the status from Wysong point of view. Its ikportant as it will decide my view of this synthetic vitamin.

Our view is that this duplicate of a natural vitamin is probably primarily water soluble.

It behaves in the body in an identical way to thiamin found in food and effectively fulfills the myriad functions of thiamin, including the prevention of beri beri.

As we have stated, as used in our foods it is completely nontoxic.