I was looking for some information on your meat sources when I came across your "vegan rebuttal". I'd like to comment on this section...
"While it may be true that plants feel some sort of pain when picked, it is 100% clear that a cow feels its throat being slashed and its trachea being pulled out while fully conscious.
That is indeed horrific. What evidence do you have that that is standard practice? We are curious whether you excuse the way a cat tortures a mouse, or how a pack of dogs savages a deer with no quick
coup de grace, or how a snake swallows its prey slowly while the prey is fully conscious?
Are we to permit painful killing by carnivores for food but not killing by humans for food?"

Please keep in mind that torture of animals intended for human consumption is not an uncommon practice. Many people feel that as humans, we should actually hold ourselves to a higher standard and
should treat our food animals with compassion before and during their slaughter. It is possible to kill an animal with minimal pain and let it die FIRST, before cutting it up. If there is any way you could find
and/or confirm a relatively humane meat source, your Customers would appreciate it.
As a consumer and a business owner, I understand there is only so much one can do. I just wanted to point out that this is an issue for many people and you may want to keep it in mind; an opportunity may come up that you might miss if you weren't thinking about it. I appreciate all you do to education the public, and my dog appreciates it, too.

Forgive me if I do not address your question since I am not clear what it is. We are forever cognizant of the fact that in order for life to be, life must be taken. We most certainly support humaneness in all aspects of animal husbandry and look for any way we can to support it.