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Quality Control

  • Wysong owns state of the art research and production facilities enabling innovation and close monitoring.

Nutrition-First Processing

Headquarters & Research
  • USDA, FDA, and HACCP safety compliance.
  • Ingredients are kept as fresh as possible and refrigerated or frozen if needed.
  • Natural ingredients are used that help retard nutrient degradation and pathogens.
  • Meats are stored in sub-zero freezer conditions to maintain nutritional integrity and inhibit pathogens.
  • Each run of product is closely monitored from start to finish, with testing to ensure that optimal specifications for moisture, water activity, and other factors are met.
  • Each oxygen- and light-barrier package is nitrogen flushed before sealing to help prevent oxidation and free radical formation.
  • Finished products are screened for pathogen activity, mycotoxins, and oxidation and not released until cleared.
  • Products are fresh batched to the degree possible to assure maximum nutritional value