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Why Intermittent Feeding

Wysong believes strongly in food variety and distrusts "100% complete and balanced" claims. Although some of our diets are fortified to match regulatory "complete and balanced " standards, others, which for one reason or another do not match those criteria, and are labeled for intermittent feeding (examples: Vegan™, Epigen™ Canned Diets, Archetype™, et al). Our view is that all diets, regardless of claims, should be fed intermittently. Nobody has complete knowledge of nutrition and therefore nobody should be making claims of "100% complete and balanced" about processed pet foods. No processed pet food should be fed exclusively.

Many diseases suffered by companion animals are the result of years, even generations, of feeding outside the proper genetic context. Our goal is to enable your animal’s body to better handle stress and resist diseases. This can only be accomplished by following the principles in the Wysong Optimal Health Program™, which includes healthy cat and dog supplements, rotating through the various diets (canned and dry), Wysong TNT™ raw cat and dog foods, intermittent feeding, and giving whole fresh foods to provide healthy variety. Science has proven that every nutrient is not required at every meal. If foods are fed in variety and rotation, the body will store and select nutrients as necessary to maintain health.

The fundamental concept at work here is that there is a need for intermittent and variable feeding regardless of claims of "complete and balanced" if pet health is the goal. Feed companion animals as you would yourself and your family and watch their health flourish.