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Wysong and Environmental Responsibility

For over 30 years Dr. Wysong has emphasized environmental responsibility--long before it has become fashionable. These are some of the Wysong organization’s efforts:

  1. Education--a variety of articles in the e-Health Letter and As If Thinking Matters Newsletter, books (such as Living Life As If Thinking Matters), and the Wysong Directory of Alternative Resources.
  2. Environmental packaging (see Healthy Packaging and Reusing Packaging).
  3. In-house recycling that is extended to all employees.
  4. Bulk Wysong products to eliminate packaging.
  5. Green and energy efficient buildings.
  6. UnCanny™ products that eliminate the waste of shipping water in canned foods.
  7. Environmentally sensitive products that are nontoxic and encourage self-sufficiency (see the Wysong Catalog).
  8. Not promoting the "human grade" ingredient marketing fad in pet foods that results in the waste of highly nutritious ingredients that have consumed valuable resources.
  9. Wysong was first to introduce the concept of "reduce, reuse, recycle."
  10. Wysong resources help people think open-mindedly, independently, and with a view to the future. Ultimately sustainability is about more selfless, long term, intelligent thinking, and Dr. Wysong has helped tens of thousands of people with this thinking for the past 30 years (see books, AsIfThinkingMatters.com).
  11. The non-profit Wysong Institute has as part of its stated purpose environmental responsibility.
  12. Wysong will pay employees who choose to personally engage in environmental and other philanthropic work.
  13. Wysong has not succumbed to business concept of growth. Rather, we try to act with conscience, putting human and animal welfare first, and let business follow that.
  14. Wysong does not support consumerism which is the driver of industrial plundering. Rather, we teach people how they can be self sufficient and even teach them how not to use any commercial products, even Wysong’s.
  15. Wysong has procured 125 acres of land to build a state of the art green and efficient corporate and research center and a community of homes.
  16. Wysong does not support the travel waste of sales people and unnecessary personal meetings requiring travel. Employees are encouraged to walk or bike to work and group commute. We conduct our business as paperless as possible and use all scrap paper until both sides are consumed.
  17. Wysong composts and reuses all materials that can possibly be reused rather than buying new.
  18. Wysong does not chase profits and dollars, which inevitably just leads to mindless plundering, excess, and waste.
  19. Dead wood is harvested from our forested land and used for hydronic heat.
  20. Wysong properties are kept as natural as possible and as nature preserves. If you do an aerial view of our offices in Michigan you will see we are the only remaining wooded land in the area.
  21. Ultimately environmental concerns are human welfare concerns. If we destroy the environment we saw through the branch upon which we sit. Thus Wysong is primarily focused on human welfare in its many aspects, not economic growth and expansion.