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Wysong And Profit

In a world in which corporate misbehavior, and profiteering without regard to consequence seems to abound, it is difficult to set out in business to do good and be judged fairly. Wysong is a family owned and operated organization with the beginning and ongoing purpose to promote critical thinking, provide free health education, and conduct research and manufacturing of innovative products that put health first.

Yes, to support these activities and staff, products are sold. But that does not mean that selling products has changed our motives. Just as nonprofit organizations can sell products to support their philanthropy, Wysong sells products to support philanthropic health-centered activities.

Wysong does operate the Wysong Institute, an authorized 501(c)(3) nonprofit, but in addition, all Wysong organizational activities, including those involved in commerce, have health not profit as the objective.

This is evidenced by:
  1. Dr. Wysong donates thousands of hours to writing books and other educational materials that are provided free.
  2. People are taught how to feed themselves and their pets without using any commercial products, even Wysong's.
  3. Many products are provided below the actual cost of producing them.
  4. Animal shelters and police dogs are supported with free food.
  5. Health damaging urban legends and market trends are not pursued in order to profit from them.
  6. We are directed by health professionals, not marketing, business, or venture capital personnel.
  7. No stock profit dividends are paid. Monies are not disbursed to those who have no other interest in or contribution to our organization than profiting from it.
  8. All income resources are used in furtherance of the organizations ability to achieve its health and donation goals.