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Equine EFA™

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32 oz. Bottle ($28.09)
Dispenser Pump ($3.39)

Horse Supplements

Wysong Equine EFA™ horse supplement is an essential fatty acid supplement for horses containing naturally stabilized, cold processed omega-3, -6, and -9 fatty acids.

Essential fatty acids are known to modulate the immune system and to help overall health, skin and hair condition, as well as enhance disease resistance. Visible evidence is a healthy, shiny, hair coat and healthy skin.

Essential fatty acids are extremely fragile once extracted from their natural source - light, heat, and air are all enemies. Thus, Wysong Equine EFA™ is carefully prepared through gentle, cold processing methods and then packaged in light-impervious, nitrogen-flushed (oxygen excluded) bottles.

Additionally, a special Wysong antioxidant made from herbs and Vitamin E epimers helps to stabilize the fatty acids against damaging and harmful oxidation.

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