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Wysong Geriatrx™ Healthy Cat Food

Healthy Cat Food

Geriatrx™ is an all natural canned cat food diet formulated for older cats. Please remember that as with all Wysong diets, Geriatrx™ is designed to be fed in rotation with fresh foods, Wysong TNT™ raw cat foods, and dry natural cat food diets.

Geriatrx™ healthy cat food is specifically designed to fulfill the nutritional needs of aging cats requiring fewer calories than more active adult cats. Lower caloric density and higher food bulk help reduce the glycemic index and lower the body's weight set point of older cats. Such underfeeding with a micro-nutrient dense diet the design of Geriatrx™ has been demonstrated to extend the life-span in a variety of species.

While formulated for more aged and sickened cats, Geriatrx™ is suitable and can be fed with benefit to cats of all ages and health statuses as part of a healthy diet rotation.