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Nurture with Quail
Canine/Feline Formula
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5 lb. Bag ($20.89)
20 lb. Box ($78.89)
40 lb. Case (2 x 20 lb. boxes) ($155.79)

Oxidation: The Unspoken Danger in Processed Pet Foods
(Scientific support for Wysong 5# bags.)

Natural Cat / Dog Food

(Formerly Nurture with Pheasant™)

Nurture with Quail™ is a highly unique natural pet food which can double as both dog food and cat food! It is comprised of a small, extremely palatable protein rich kibble and combined with a generous portion of TNT™ processed (raw) delicious quail shreds. This creates a diet with unequalled nutrition (41% protein, 16% fat) and unparalleled taste!

Wysong Nurture with Quail™ natural cat and dog food is carefully packaged in an
See our article entitled "Healthy Packaging" in the "Learn" section for more information.
oxygen and light-impervious
stand-up bag that is a favorite amongst carnivorous companions!

Please review the product label below for a full breakdown of Nurture with Quail™ healthy. For an explanation and rationale for each ingredient and the functional characteristics of this food, visit

Find more details on the science and functionality of these new Wysong advances on our pet/dog/cat food diet features page and elsewhere on the website.

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