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Wysong PDG™ Dog and Cat Food Supplements

6.5 oz. Bottle ($14.69)
3.5 lb. Pail ($122.59)

Dog and Cat Food Supplements

Recovery of an animal that is anorectic, undernourished, or otherwise debilitated can often hinge on the ability to supply adequate nourishment, (to repair, restore, and build). PDG is a cat and dog supplement specifically designed to reflect this understanding and can be mixed with water to form a paste for force feeding if necessary.

It  is  made  of  a  base  of  gently  processed,  concentrated  meats  and  organs  from  various  sources  to   provide   the   major   natural   proteins,   fats,   and  calories.  Vitamins,  minerals, enzymes, and probiotic cultures are naturally derived, and provide nutrients to cat or dog in the form that its system was designed to recognize and utilize.