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Participate in "Showcase Your Pet" and you can win a Wysong product package! Two winners will be selected monthly, and will receive a generous Wysong product package shipped direct to their doorstep free of charge. Click Upload to begin the simple process.

Does your companion animal browse the Wysong site by your side with a keen interest (and appetite)? Or perhaps, does he/she desire the spotlight and feel exposure on a worldwide scale is deserved?...

Here's a chance to leave a digital pawprint on the Wysong site – upload a picture or video of you and/or your companion animal for all that follow to observe and admire!

From basic webcam photos or videos to the most professional, serene and dignified to slobbery and wildly entertaining, we welcome it all.

Just have a look and follow the examples above. If and when you're ready, click the Upload button and begin the simple process.

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