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Better Behavior and Contentment

Phone – Wysong Diets Help Cat Lose Weight, Improve Behavior

“We started our overweight cat on Wysong Geriatrx™ and Vitality™ 6 weeks go and what a difference! He is losing weight (the people who had him before fed him Iams for 11 years and he was grossly overweight) and we can tell he feels better already. He lets us even rub his belly (wouldn’t let you touch him before) and he is beginning to stretch like a normal cat. He had to lie down to stretch before.”

E-Mail – Improvement Seen Within 2 Weeks

“I just recently started giving my dog your food. In the past two weeks she acts like a new dog…Thank you!” 

Pet Owner – Cats’ Attitudes Much Improved

"Susie and Tiger both look like totally different cats! Very lush coats, attitudes MUCH improved, and they were ‘good cats’ to begin! Now Suz hops up on my lap for a cuddle, and gives me the evil eye when its time to go... and she is a LAPFULL! Probably gained 3-4 pounds since I first contacted you. Thanks again for being a big part in saving her life!"

California – Cats More Alert On Wysong

"Our cats have shinier coats and are more alert and playful since starting them on your foods."

Delaware – Dogs Content On Wysong

"I can tell you my dogs have an air of contentment they never had on other foods. Dogs that were destroying things no longer destroy, etc."

Ontario, Canada – Cat’s Energy Level Increases

"I began introducing Wysong to my cat, adding only 3-4 tsp. to his other food at each feeding. Well, it has been only 3 days however; the change is almost astounding in my cat. His energy level has increase greatly (he actually wants to play and socialize vs. sleep all the time). As a scientist, I want to be skeptical in attributing this change to the new food – but there is no other reasonable explanation. I am so very grateful."

Tennessee – Cat Becomes More Secure

"Muffin came to me shy and insecure and very much underweight... He’s beginning to feel loved and somewhat secure and has gained weight. At your suggestion I’m also making a raw meat, rice and veggie formula."

Wisconsin – Cat’s Personality Improves

"I am very pleased with my cat’s health since I started using Wysong. She has maintained six to seven pounds for the last two years. Along with her weight, another problem she had was crystallization in her urine. That too is no longer a problem. When she was a kitten she was traumatized in the first home she lived in. When I took her in I noticed how touchy she was. I do not know how much her diet plays a part in this, but between my affection, devotion, safe home and healthy diet, she is no longer a terrified little cat. More than two years ago she could not be held, rubbed or anything. She would only hide in small dark places. It is hard to look back and remember exactly where the changes in her personality began, but I put it all back to when I began using Wysong. I felt the need to let you hear about one of your devoted clients. My cat is a wonderful, healthy cat…thank you."

Pet Owner – Dog Happy On Wysong

"My dog has been using your dog food for a long time and my pet is really happy. He’s also very healthy. You are still the best dog food."

Indiana – Less Anxiety In Pets

“I have nothing but good things to say about Wysong™. I am a veterinarian and since we completely switched to your products my clients tell me only wonderful stories. A lot of my clients have seen less anxiety in their pets. Some have been taken off their anxiety medication. Thank you for such great products.”

Tennessee – Behavior Improves On Wysong

“Thanks for writing back to me. After having had the dogs on your food for awhile, I thought you might be interested to know how they are doing. I do think my female might have a slight infection. Sometimes I smell something, so off to the vet we go. However, once I put the dogs on your Wysong™ food, it only took about four days before the male stopped his incessant barking and getting in her behind. And this was just a gradual adding of your food to the old!!! He still does bark and chase her a little bit, but not nearly to the extent he did.

After a couple of weeks of having them on your food, I did have occasion to pull back on your food and go back to the old, and it all started again. I don’t remember why. Maybe my fiancé was feeding them and I hadn’t shown him what to do. Yeah, I think that was it. Anyhow, it was confirmation that your food really has a lot to do with his behavior.

All I’ve done for them is fed them Synorgon™. I’ve not followed the suggestions you have in your letter as far as other things to put my male on, but I intend to order a bunch of stuff this week. It will be interesting to see what happens after that!

So a trip to the vet and these further suggestions should make my companions into wonderful people to be around once again! Thank you so much. Keep up the good work!”

Internet – Dogs Seem Genuinely Happier

“We started our two puppies, a six-year-old Welsh Corgi and a 3-year-old Border Collie, last September on Wysong™. Up to that point Huck, the Border Collie, had been having skin problems and was just not very interested in eating his food. Lily was also having skin problems, but was also suffering from an overweight issue. Immediately after we switched to Wysong we noticed a dramatic effect in not just their health, but also in the attitudes; they seem genuinely happier now. Lily has lost 15 pounds and acts like a puppy again and Huck’s coat has never been thicker. It is nice to know that we are doing something to benefit their health. My wife and I were appalled when we started doing some research and discovering what was in their old dog food.”

Michigan – Cat Friskier And Friendlier On Wysong

“I have been feeding our animals the Anergen™ diet for a few months now and I can honestly say that one they all love it and two I have noticed a difference in their behaviors (positive of course). The one who has changed the most is my 9-year-old cat. He is so much more frisky and friendlier than he has been in a while. I didn’t realize that he was that grumpy until I have seen the recent change.”