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Much Better Than Other Diets

E-Mail – Best Quality and Variety of Food

“I want to thank your company. I don't make a lot of money but I still HAVE to give my dogs (who I love more than life itself ) the best diet I can, they deserve it…All dogs, no matter where they come from deserve the best diet money can buy. Thanks to you and your team, Wysong makes the best quality and variety of food eaten by our companion animals, it's had to categorize your products as "dog food." It’s so much better than that…So your team sent me a 50% off shipping coupon code, I got on and checked that out and it still was a little out of my range. So they didn’t give up, they sent me a 20% off coupon code, guess what I did it - I ordered 32 lbs of Venison Epigen™. Eureka!!!!...VENISON is EXCELLENT !!!! My dogs and cats LOVE vension…I can’t wait for Epigen 90™ :)


Thanks again from both me and my happy soon to be happier rescues that LOVE your Epigen™.


Please know that my thank you is very sincere, from the bottom of my heart :)”

Letter – No Problems For Dog

“Your food has been good for our pets, especially our dog who seemed to have some problems with other brands (Evo).”

E-Mail – Only Food On Which Pets Thrive

“I have been purchasing Wysong for my rescue cats and dogs (currently 49 cats and 2 dogs), as well as for ferals I feed for a little over 3 years. I have also recommended it to several people, and personally know of more than 80 pets that are fed Wysong foods.  First of all, it's difficult to find a brand of food that that many animals will eat, and none will get sick from, but Wysong is that brand. I have never seen a food make as much of a difference in the health, look, and attitude of an animal as Wysong has.  I have seen kittens that the vet didn't think would survive thrive on this food.  Without the help of Wysong, it would be impossible for my family to have taken in as many animals as we have.”

Phone – Improvement in Health

“We switched from Blue Buffalo to Wysong 3 weeks ago and I am just amazed at the improvement in their health (cats and ferrets). It is surprising that they cost about the same, but we have much better results with the Wysong diets.”

Facebook Comment – Processed Foods

“Well, when I cook myself a steak, it's also processed food. When I cook rice, it's still processed food. Wysong is high quality. I trust them a lot more than I would trust the Now-belonging-to-P&G natural pet food brands.”

Facebook Comment – Better Dog Food

“I was searching for a better dog food a few months ago when I found Wysong. ...I am excited that I can provide the quality Wysong food to my dogs. All five of them!”

Phone – Picky Dogs Fight Over Wysong Food

“Recently a customer received a sample of our dry food. She said her two dogs (Shih Tzu and Rottweiler/Doberman mix) were fighting over the sample of food. She said her dogs are so picky with dry food.”

E-Mail – Loves Dog Food

“My dog LOVES your dog food! She has never felt this way about dog food until yours.”

Letter – Energy Improved on Wysong

“I am a new customer to Wysong. My two German Shepherds were being fed the wrong food for 2 years. I know this because your food has brought them to normal weight and they’re full of energy. The bonus of all of this is they aren’t killing my grass anymore. Thank you!”

E-Mail – Uretic Helps Cats

“I currently use your Uretic™ for my cats due to a history of kidney stones. The Uretic™ product is fantastic, it has made my cat’s coats smooth with less hair loss. Both cats where on Science Diet® CD for stones. We have found your products to be very helpful and satisfying for our pets. We are interested to trying the new product EPIGEN™ for both species…”

E-Mail – Impressed With Food Quality

“...I'm so impressed with the quality of your dry and canned food. This is so much better than the ‘prescriptive’ food that I've been buying for years from the vet.”

E-Mail – Impressed With Maintenance™

“I just wanted to say that since Stub had his diarrhea, I stopped feeding them "top dressing" of canned food and cut up some roasted chicken to put on top. We've bought Call of the Wild™ and I didn’t realize this was your company too? Anyway, my dogs are my life and any help you can give I will be a customer for life. I bought your Maintenance™ bag of dried food at Whole Foods in Dallas, TX and they love it! The reason I bought it was the first ingredient was not corn meal but actual chicken parts!! Yay, for y'all!! Thanks so much!  What a great job you have…”

E-Mail – Cats Healthier on Wysong

“My 2 cats, are doing excellent on the Wysong cat varieties. I tested a moist, store-bought cat treat a couple of weeks ago. After just 2 consecutive nights, of just 2 pieces of that treat each, one of the cats had a colitis attack. I have learned my lesson-our cats eat only Wysong from here on out!”

E-Mail – Change To Wysong Diets Improves Health

“Over the past year, I have taken my 2 Pembroke Welsh Corgi's to the vets numerous times after repeat vomiting in the middle of the night, having diarrhea, low energy and overall appearances poor. The vet would treat them for a virus and ask me if there were any changes in the environment etc…I had them on Iams light and then decided to change them to Iams lamb and rice for sensitive stomachs. The problem continued until a nurse friend of mine told me she had the same problem and since putting her 2 Corgi's on Wysong years ago, has not had the problem since. I immediately began transitioning my dog food to Wysong and neither dog has woke up vomiting. It has been 1 month now and they have so much energy, look very healthy and seem very satisfied after eating. They were always so hungry all day long with Iams even though I fed them 2x a day. I can now say that after ruling everything out in the environment, that it was the Iams dog food that was making them ill. This saddens me to think I was making my dogs ill by giving them this food which I felt was a good food. I wished I had tried Wysong a long time ago. But they are doing wonderfully now and I can't thank you enough for your fine product.”

E-Mail – No Other Company Compares

“My dogs are doing great on Wysong, and I thank you for making such high quality, nutritious products for my dogs. No other company out there compares to the quality that you guys put out. Keep up the good work!”

E-Mail – Uretic Ingredients Better Than “Vet” Diet

“Thank you, Wysong, for creating a great dry cat food that doesn't require a prescription. My cat, Molly, was 2 years old when I adopted her. She is an emotional wreck (and an indoor kitty), even though she is 8 years old now. She has a tendency toward having urinary tract infections. She is absolutely traumatized when I have to take her to the vet in order to get antibiotics for an infection if I try to feed her something other than the CD, or because I have to renew a prescription for Hill's Science Diet CD. I have researched your food and, as I told family after researching the Uretic™ ingredients, it is so healthy I may start eating it myself!”

E-Mail – Cat Doing Much Better On Wysong

“I just wanted to pass along my appreciation and gratitude to you, for your producing this wonderful food! For years I was feeding my cat (a large Maine Coon) Iams and he was doing okay ----- until that problem was reported about so many felines becoming ill from commercially processed pet food. Even though I was feeding him dry food, he was reacting strange and he did not look healthy at all. Because he is only 5, I was concerned. Likewise, I became worried when he would approach his bowl of food and sniff it as if it was poison! That was it! I saw your food at our local health food store and decided to try it. A month later, I can report that I am pleasantly surprised and shocked at how much better he looks and is acting. He has so much energy and his coat and eyes have never looked so bright and healthy!!! Even Science Diet never did this for him. So thank you for possibly saving his life and giving me so many hours of joy seeing he is so happy:)”

Letter – Borzois Prefer Wysong

“My breeder turned me onto your food for my 3 beautiful Borzoi. I tried all the other standard foods but I threw away more than they ate. I go through 32 lbs every 2 weeks but am throwing away very little if any. I am so pleased. Keep up the good work!”

E-Mail – Thank You For The Great Feline Diets

“I first found out about Wysong when we adopted our 7-year-old Eddie cat (2 years ago) from Pet Patrol Rescue. The cats from Pet Patrol are fed Wysong. Our two cats (Al 17-years-old and Eddie, now 9), absolutely love Nurture™ feline dry.  Also I think they appreciate the "bite size" proportions.  We are soon to adopt Eddie’s sister, from Pet Patrol. Just wanted to let you know and thank you for your great un-compromised feline diet…”

Letter – Wysong Only Food Dog Can Tolerate

“Thanks for the great food for my dogs. It’s the only food my Husky, Timber, has been able to tolerate. He’s only eaten Wysong for 13 years and he’s still going strong. Thanks for supplying nutritious food for our wonderful companions!”

E-Mail – Wysong Cat Food Has Much Better Ingredients Than Others

“Thank you for making a food that my cat is meant by nature to consume.”


Letter – Best Food Our Dog Has Ever Eaten

“I would like to take this time to thank your company for producing and supplying to my local dog food store the most amazing dog food that my dog Bailey has ever eaten. He will be 8-years-old on April 10 of this year and I credit your Maintenance formula for keeping him so healthy and happy!

P.S. We have been buying this for the last 5 years.”

E-Mail – Wysong Only All Meat Dog Food Found

“I originally purchased Wysong dog food at a local pet boutique. Our Silky Terrier is a very finicky eater, but devours boiled chicken. This was the first dog food I found that was almost pure meat.  We mix it with kibble, to ensure more balanced nutrition.”

Veterinarian, Alabama – Wysong Way Ahead Of Other Pet Foods

"I thought it sounded too good to be true. After over two years of clinical evaluation, I am convinced that Wysong Diets are head and shoulders above any pet food on the market. And when my clients can notice an improvement in their pets after feeding the food for a few weeks, it makes me feel extra good to know that I have provided a quality service by simply recommending good nutrition."

Veterinarian, Kansas – Product Is As Good As Promised

"...It looked good, but I thought nothing is as good as they say it is. So I waited for the inevitable letdown. However, I have been in Wysong Diets for 1-1/2 years, and that letdown has never come. The product has been as good as Dr. Wysong had said it was. I have seen spectacular results in skin problems, lactating dogs who were skinny and sick when they whelped, in cats and dogs with digestive problems, and in my own Doberman who had grown sluggish in her old age... I commend Dr. Wysong on the job he has done. The food is without a doubt the best food on the market today. The hardest part is convincing a world which is bombarded by advertising and jaded to any new product’s claims."

Veterinarian, Maine – Wysong Offers New Lease On Life For Pets, Owners, and Veterinarians

"These diets convert strangers to friends within days oftentimes. Wysong Diets have probably been the most uplifting and challenging thing that has hit my practice in years. It is a new lease on life for the pet, its owner, and its doctor."

Veterinarian, Tennessee – Clients Amazed At Results From Wysong Diets

"Having been raised on a dairy farm and working in a predominately large animal practice that stressed nutrition taught me early in my veterinary career that nutrition is extremely important to good health and top performance. Therefore, in 1985, when I received information on your Wysong Diets pet foods, I became very interested. I became convinced beyond a doubt that the palatability and performance were even better than I had anticipated. Two years have elapsed and my clients and I continue to be amazed at how much better their pets act, feel, and look on the Wysong Diets. My professional reputation is very important to me. I have no reservations about recommending the Wysong Diets to my clients because I know by suggesting them that I am practicing better preventative medicine and enhancing the health of my patients."

Veterinarian, Texas – Positive Results On Wysong Diets

"We have not had any problems converting our clientele to Wysong Diets. We have seen all positive results with the dogs on Wysong Diets."

Veterinarian, Texas – Positive Comments From Clients

"Never before have I heard so many positive testimonials from my clients concerning pet foods. I’ve heard everything from the fact that the cat’s litter box no longer has that awful odor, to comments that their dogs had the most beautiful hair coats ever seen."

Veterinarian, Wisconsin – Superior Food For Patients

"We have used Wysong Diets since June 1985, and I must say I was somewhat skeptical at first. We are now using Wysong Diets on all ages of animals and have a long enough experience with it to see the benefits. Our clients are beginning to tell us how well their animals are doing, especially in their hair coat, weight, and general well being. Thank you for introducing this product to us. It has greatly helped us provide a superior food for our patients."

Veterinarian, Wisconsin – Impressed With Wysong Diets

"Our clients’ comments certainly eliminate any doubts... in the short time that we have been working with the food, we have been impressed on several occasions with the effect it has had on some of our patients with dermatologic, enteric, or urinary problems."

Veterinarian, Wyoming – Proud To Offer Wysong Diets

"In my practice we have never sold a large amount of diets because we never could see any difference between the so-called special diets and Purina™. I am so glad your products came along. The results speak for themselves. I could go on for hours telling about them. The best thing is you really feel proud using them in your clinic. I would like for you to tell anyone to call me anytime and I would be pleased to discuss case after case with them. The results they may not believe, for there have been times I’m not sure I have. The products are truly amazing."

Veterinary Clinic – Excellent Results On Wysong Diets

"Using the Wysong Diets, we’ve seen excellent results with skin problems, allergies and digestive, pancreatic and liver disease."

Internet – Much Better Than Hill’s At Vet Clinic

"I think your product is terrific! I have tried to get my veterinarian to try carrying the Wysong, but he says it wasn’t big enough business (his), but they carry the Hill’s of course. They get kickbacks and freebies (samples), well, you know. Wysong has helped my ailing cat, and my little 3 lb. dog too. They are solid, and not fat, and they love the food. I get the supplements and use them too, when needed. You guys are fantastic!"

Email – Wysong Creates Much Better Results, No Medications Needed

“I have two cats, and the first time I heard about Wysong was when one of them got sick. I was bringing him to the vet it seemed like every week, and all they could do was offer more medications, and more medical procedures, which I was not crazy about at all, and the cat was not getting better. I started reading different books on animals' natural healing. Some of these books give a chart of best pet food companies, or top ten best, and in several of the books Wysong was on the top of the list. So, I decided to give Wysong a try, and have not looked back ever since.”

Letter – Wysong Diets Offer Much Better Ingredients

"Late last summer, I decided to try a different cat food for my three cats, because I had been worried for some time about the harmful or useless “meat by-products” in almost all commercial cat foods, including the one I had been buying from our vet. I had read this in a wonderful book entitled The New Natural Cat, by Anitra Frazier. I had been lulling myself thinking that since I was purchasing cat food from our vet, the food must be OK. I am afraid I must confess that I was not really paying attention to the real authorities (my three cats) by not being concerned that they were never really enthusiastic about eating. Then I spotted a display of Wysong silver bags of food at the vet’s office, and I decided to try it for my cats. The Wysong bags did not list “meat by-products.” All three cats seemed immediately interested. We introduced it slowly with their old food, but, smart kitties that they are, they picked out the Wysong pieces and left all the rest! Soon, I was buying just Wysong (the Wysong Vitality™ bags) and the cats were delighted. Your website was a fine discovery – more than I could have hoped for! On behalf of our three kitties, I thank you for your good products."

E-Mail – Wysong Better Than Eukanuba, Recommended By Breeder

“We have Irish Wolfhounds. A breeder told us not to feed Eukanuba, that diet makes the difference. She feeds her Wolfhounds Wysong.”

E-Mail – Other Dog Foods Inferior

"I am extremely happy to have found a dog food, which contains no by-products, meals or fillers! I have always looked at the ingredients and have always been disappointed that every brand of dog food claims to be healthy and complete yet it in reality is not. I am honestly surprised that more people are not aware of what they feed their pets. I have tried to increase awareness the best I can to family and friends. I just came across someone who feeds her dog "Ol' Roy" wet food from Walmart...needless to say she received a lot of information from me about how horrible most pet foods are, and I even downloaded the ingredients and pointed out exactly what was in it to show her how terrible it is. Thank you for doing such a fantastic job creating a product that is healthy and also affordable! I want to add that I really enjoyed the Un-Cereal™ sample that was included! I will be ordering that ASAP!"

E-mail – Past Customer Still Recommends Wysong

"To the wonderful folks at Wysong, Sorry, but we really don't need to receive information about pet products any more because we had to put our cat to sleep back in March. He was over13 years old and in failing health, so we thought it best. I do want to say thank you for providing wonderful cat food for Merlin for many years. If anyone asks about pet food, we still recommend you. When our kids get older and want to take care of a pet, we'll be back, but in the mean time, we wish you a Merry Christmas, and may your business be blessed."

Florida – Wysong A Better, More Natural Diet

"I had to drop you a line to thank you for this product. The pet shop I go to introduced you to me. I went in to purchase Eukanuba™, which I had been using for years. I started giving the animals Wysong and I’m hooked on it, why? It’s all natural, no BHA or BHT’s. The animals seem to thrive on it."

Florida – Wysong Truly Exceptional

"I would like to extend my sincerest CONGRATULATIONS to your company for producing and marketing, a truly exceptional pet food. I have tried them all and never have I been as pleased with a product until I was introduced to yours. My ‘Golden’ is ten years young and, as is the case with many of his breed, he is intermittently bothered with skin inflammation and allergies. I was determined to locate a superior food for him and I truly feel that I have done so with your line of products. It not only satisfies ‘Charley’s’ appetite, but mine as well as a VERY FINICKY consumer. I am so overwhelmingly positive regarding your company and its products that I would also like to inquire about the possibility of acquiring a Distributorship if available."

Florida – Geriatrx™ Greatest Cat Food On Market

"My cats function at optimum health with Wysong Geriatrx™. It’s the greatest cat food on the market, believe me, I’ve tried them all. Helen Girlie and Cappy are both eleven years old and in perfect health because of your food. Thanks so much for developing such a fine food for my friends!"

Florida – Best Pet Food On The Market

"Wysong is the best animal food on the market today in the USA. Thank you."

Veterinarian, Illinois – Recommends Wysong Over Science Diet

"We contacted all clients who were using d/d or Science Diet™ and had them change to Wysong Diets. All cases are doing very well. One woman came to our office to purchase k/d. Another veterinarian had sent her to our hospital because he was out of the k/d, which he had recommended she try for her older dog with chronic diarrhea. The k/d wasn’t working very well so our technician convinced her to try Wysong Senior™. She called our technician back three days later to report that after trying about 5 different diets, it was Wysong Diets that did the job. She felt Wysong Diets saved her dog’s life."

Massachusetts – Synorgon™ Has Best Of All Worlds

"I wish to express my satisfaction regarding the Wysong Synorgon™ dog food. I have 2 retired male greyhounds who are currently in the process of changing to this kibble. I have spent hours considering many different types of dog food (all premium) and I have chosen Synorgon for specific reasons. This kibble and the usual fresh vegetables, fruits and bones (I have always done this) will create a very well balanced and nutritional diet."

Montana – Excellent Diets

"I never opened a bag and found worms like other products. Excellent food."

New York – Rat Terriers Prefer Wysong Over Puppy Chow

"My twin 5-year-old boys received twin Rat Terriers from Santa. Two weeks ago one puppy was on the verge of starvation. I became alarmed but finally realized the puppy would rather die than have to eat Puppy Chow™. I inquired as to what was the best possible alternative and was directed to you. The ‘smarter’ puppy has finally caught up to the weight of his brother. I am really impressed and wonder if this food could be fed to my twin boys – just kidding."

New York – Highest Quality Diets

"The Wysong Diets are far and away the highest quality diets that I have seen on the market."

Ontario, Canada – Wysong Is Best Food Ever Used

"I am very satisfied feeding Wysong food. It is the best I have ever used. I have 6 dogs to feed and they are doing great."

Ontario Canada – Customer Won’t Consider Any Other Pet Food

"I have used almost any and every conceivable cat food (dry & canned) product natural based and otherwise and I must say that your products are superlative. I wouldn’t even consider feeding anything else. I have a total of 15 cats and with kittens arriving on a regular basis, they thrive on your food. I tell everyone and anyone who has pets about your food and hand out brochures."

Pennsylvania – Impressed With Wysong Diets

"I own a 75 lb. black Doberman. I usually feed her ANF™ Adult or Science Diet™ Performance. Just recently my sister who lives outside of Troy, New York introduced me to your Wysong food (Maintenance™). Cleopatra just loves your food and so do I. Her coat has never looked as shiny and I am also impressed with your specs."

Tennessee – Dog Does Best On Wysong

"We have fed our dog Wysong for 4 years with wonderful results. We have had many comments on his shiny, smooth, dandruff free coat. He has tried other dog foods a couple of times, but we have brought him back to Wysong to stay. Other foods have given him bad breath (both ends), dull fur, dandruff, and a lack of appetite. He loves Wysong and so do we."

Tennessee – Breeder of 20 Years Has Never Seen Better Puppies Than Those Raised On Wysong

"It’s impossible to discuss Wysong Diets without discussing client comments or testimonials. One that comes to mind is a breeder who raises Shih Tzus. She said, ‘I have been raising dogs of all breeds for 20 years, from California to Tennessee, and have used all brands of pet food including Iams™, Hills™, ANF™, and Purina™, and have never seen better puppies. Stools are fewer and smell less, which is important because my puppies are raised in the house with the family. Lactating bitches have likewise done better with less hair loss and fewer puppy losses on Wysong.’ I didn’t even know she was feeding Wysong Diets. It turns out that she was buying a box for each new puppy owner – even shipping UPS out of state in areas where it is not available. Personally I believe that the most exciting comment I received at my two hospitals is ‘I can’t believe how much better he acts – he must feel better.’ I have especially noted this in senior dogs. Another comment is ‘His teeth sure are better now.’ It is exciting offering such nutritious products from which I have actually seen results – not just heard about them."

Texas – Pets Prefer Wysong Over Science Diet

"Just wanted to drop you guys a quick line to tell you about how thrilled I am with your products. I feed both dry and canned Wysong to my dog and 2 cats. They absolutely love Wysong, particularly compared to the Science Diet™ that I used to feed them just one year ago. I’ve noticed that their coats are much softer and shinier. I tell everyone I come across about the benefits and joys of feeding Wysong. I’ve turned many a person into a Wysong believer. In fact, after feeding Wysong to my pets, I became so into and passionate about my three animals that I decided to work full-time in the adoption office for our local animal shelter. The job is very hard (and sometimes frustrating and depressing), but also very rewarding. And, every chance I get, I counsel new adopters on the importance of feeding Wysong to their new pet. I believe this is important. I know that I am not alone because many of my co-workers also feed their pets Wysong and attempt to get more people to try it. I believe many people feed their pets inferior pet foods because either they simply do not know any better, have no motivation to seek out better alternatives, or because it’s easier to buy whatever is on their local supermarket’s shelves (which usually is not Wysong). Wysong is extremely healthy and beneficial to a pet. Keep up the good work!"

Texas – Customer Gave Up Search For Quality Food Until Introduced Wysong

"Thanks so much for your ‘All Meat and Organ Diet’ beef and chicken for cats and dogs. I’d given up on finding products that weren’t loaded with corn gluten and other non-meat junk when I came across your product in my local Whole Foods Market in Arlington, Texas."

Washington – Veterinarian Suggested Wysong Over Others

"I was recently introduced to your product by a veterinarian that I took my Siamese cat to. He asked what I feed my cats and I proudly told him Science Diet™. Every veterinarian I have spoken with has been very pleased with my choice in food and I never bothered to read the label to find out just what was so special about it anyway. So when this veterinarian seemed miffed with me for feeding my cats Science Diet, I was a bit offended. He acted as if I was feeding them Kitten Chow™ or something. My cats are like my children, and I want them to have the best so after reading the literature he gave me I bought some Wysong for my cats. They did not take to the wet food right away, but they didn’t have a problem adapting to the dry food. It has been a little over a month since we made the switch, and I am very pleased with the results; their coats are shiny and thick, and my male who lost a lot of weight while sick gained it all back and looks wonderful. The ingredients of Wysong are incredible... My cats are eating better than I am now and it isn’t costing me more."

Wisconsin – Wysong Best Food Ever Seen

"I have tried several different dog foods, Wysong by far is the best food I have ever seen. My dogs really like your food. I have finally put some weight on them while feeding them less food. Thank you for making a good – no great dog food."

Kennel, Internet – Tried All Foods, Wysong Is The Best For Yorkie Breeder

"My small kennel of Yorkies has never been healthier. Having tried the majority of ‘pseudo-natural’ foods, I discovered your products and went straight to Anergen™. Their coats are growing, their blueness of coat is returning, and they are very healthy and happy. Some of the brands I had tried made them very aggressive; their coats became brittle, and the itching, oh the itching. Solid Gold™ was the worst. I mix a little water with the Anergen™, add some spinach or other ground veggies, add the E.F.A.™ and the meals are complete. I have since started my three old cats on the Geriatrx™; they are 14, 12, and 11 years. Yes, the Wysong is a bit more costly, but knowing each bag is fresh (I purchase a box at a time) and the ingredients are what you say they are (I truly believe you!). Using your products in my kennel is the best thing I have ever done for my dogs. Thank you again for providing such a life enhancing line of products for my dogs and cats."

Internet – Noticeable Difference In Dog When Fed Wysong

"I fed my old dog Wysong Maintenance™ his entire life and he lived a long and healthy life. I now have a 2½-year-old German Shepherd mix who I got from the local shelter when she was 3 months old. A well-intentioned vet convinced me to switch to Innova™ Maintenance. Suddenly, everyone we knew who hadn’t seen her in a while exclaimed how ‘chunky’ she’d gotten…Lately, actually for months now, she seems to be very itchy and her skin is sensitive. When I flea comb her, I noticed a white chalky streak down the center of her spine that seems to get worse the more I comb her. I decided to do the ‘comparison’ thing they have on the Innova website and compare to Wysong…Then I went to the Wysong website, and I am once again convinced that Wysong is the way to go. My other dog never had any skin or digestive problems, never had any weight problems, and I don’t know why I ever listened to others and switched my German Shepherd to Innova™. Thank you for a wonderful product, and I am back for good this time."

Internet – Cats Doing Better On Wysong VS. Iams And Science Diet

"I had to write in to comment on this product. I have been using this for approximately 1 month and my cats have never been happier! I have four little terrors, ages 6, 5, 4 and 1 year! They are all beautiful, healthy animals... Yet I hadn’t seen my eldest cat play since her first litter was born. She is now acting like the kitten she was when we got her!! I will never again purchase another brand!! They used to be Iams™ kitties, then when they were older, Science Diet™... Your food makes those products look like ‘generic-brand Kat Food!!’ Thank you for bringing our happy kitty back to us!"

Internet – Wysong Far Superior To Others On The Market

"I have had both of my Yorkies on your dog food for the past year. I just wanted to let you know just how well they have been doing. Thank you very much for creating such a wonderful product. Your product is far superior to all other products that are on the market."

Internet – Dog Prefers Wysong Diets

"I have tried all the natural foods. My dog Amy would almost not eat Solid Gold™ dog food. She also did not like Innova™. She likes yours."

Internet – Customer Will Stick With Wysong

"Just wanted to let you know that my dog loves your products and does real well with them. I tried a number of natural brands, but stick with Wysong."

Internet – Goldens Doing Better On Wysong

"We have two Golden Retriever littermates. A male and a female. I switched them over to Wysong after learning how much better your dog food was. They are doing much better on Wysong."

California – Thanks For the High-Quality Products

"Thanks so much for your wonderful high-quality, superior products for my dogs and cats. My pets' eyes, coats, and overall health have never been better. All your products are simply phenomenal! Thanks so much."

Indiana – Great Success With Wysong Diets

“I am a homeopathic who has been recommending your wonderful food for the past 10 years. I have seen great success with my clients after switching them to Wysong™ diets.”

Colorado – Wysong Recommended As The Best By Breeder

“Six years ago after losing my first two Airedale Terriers from kidney failure, and my sister losing hers from liver cancer and pancreatitis and still distraught, my breeder from Colorado said to me as were leaving a dog show, “If you want to start feeding the best, feed Wysong™” as she pointed to the Wysong booth. The rest is history.”

California – Changed Back To Wysong

“I raised my two Miniature Pinchers on Wysong since birth (they are now 8 years old) and recently changed their diets…big mistake. After bad breath and allergies for both of them, I am now back on Wysong. It truly is the best! Thank you for caring so much for our pets that you put lots of good ingredients and love in your pet foods!”

Colorado – Wysong Extended Life Of Cat

“Your company makes some really GREAT cat food! My calico Persian cat was rather “bony” & not responding well to her former cat food. Once I put her on your “Geriatrx Feline Diet” she gained weight & appears happy & healthy. She’ll be 18 in April. Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your product! I’m sure you extended the life of my cat! Thank you!”

Letter – Pets Count On Us For Healthy Food

"... we are fortunate to have one of the top names manufactured in Midland: Wysong...expect to pay more; they are all human-grade foods that are vacuum-sealed and dated for freshness. You will save by having a healthy animal, free of tumors, cataracts and severe itching and coat and skin infections that come from a poor diet and allergies to the poisons in the food. Remember, our pets are counting on us. They can’t tell you how hungry they are or how much their belly aches after you feed them cheap or non-nutritious food.”

Email – Better Ingredients Than Science Diet

“Originally Science Diet was recommended, so I went on your website and found that you have Rx diets available and I really like your products and ingredients a lot better than Science Diet. I am going to suggest Wysong over SD for my dog.”

Email – Rescue Would Rather Buy Wysong Than Accept Free Science Diet

“My wife and I heard about Wysong from Sharon and Bob of Petguards when they helped us rescue/ adopt Lacey from a puppy mill in Orlando, FL. Petguards is an amazing animal rescue organization in Ohio. They are gaga over Wysong - to the point that they could get all the FREE Science Diet food they want, but choose to pay for Wysong dry dog food. I can't stress enough what amazing good these two people are doing for animals. I tell all my friends about your website and products.

Keep up the good work!”

Internet – Wysong The Ultimate Best

 “I love your products.  We are the proud guardians of 13 beautiful cats not to count our fosters (we are volunteers for a no-kill organization in the Northwest Indiana area).  People always comment how healthy our cats look.  When we have our weekly adopt-a-thon at the local Petco, I always suggest Wysong to be the food of choice. Thank you for all your dedication in finding the ultimate best and keep up the good work!”

California – Customers Demand Wysong

 “I love your pet food.  It just flies out the door. My customers cannot get enough of it. I also have a shelter for cats. I only feed them Wysong™. The cats come here sickly and leave healthy and beautiful.  People just can’t believe the results.”

Internet – Wysong Does Wonders For Customer’s Cats

“I adopted a shelter cat approximately 18 months old after one of my cats passed from kidney failure.  We were told he was eating Science Diet™.  I bought Science Diet and he really didn’t like it.  He also had loose smelly stool.  I had always fed my other cats Wysong™ but did not have any dry on hand because my one “baby” will only eat the canned.  Since this new cat would not really eat the Science Diet, I bought another brand name and the new cat loved it but still had the loose smelly stool.  I quickly ordered Wysong dry Vitality™.  My new cat’s stool is now normal.  It took him about a month to completely make a turn around.  I also would like to mention that my first cat that had died of kidney failure developed allergies when she was about 1 year old.  Not knowing any better I was feeding her store bought cat food.  The vet warned me to give her a home cooked diet.  I didn’t want to deal with that so I did some research and found your company.  I tried switching the cat to Vitality and her allergies improved dramatically.  She still needed a very small dosage of allergy serum injected a couple of times a month for tree and grass allergies.  However, I truly believe that the Wysong diet did wonders for her.  When my beautiful baby was diagnosed with kidney disease (from routine blood screening) I again did more research when my vet wanted me to switch to a very low protein commercial food that contained all the “bad” things I had avoided giving her.  Through my research on the web and through your site, I decided to keep her on Wysong Geriatrx™.  She lived 1 ½ years after her diagnosis and did not really degrade until a month before she passed.  My cats do wonderful on your food and their beautiful soft and silky fur is definitely a sign of a good diet.  Thank you for providing our pets with so much!”