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Pets Prefer Wysong

E-Mail – Kudos and Raves

“Just want you to know that two years ago we adopted a little mixed dog, Miss Annie. When she was rescued she weighed maybe six to eight pounds. At her check up this week she weighs 11.2 pounds. She was rescued by Save A Dog here in Framingham, MA and fostered by two women who had to hand feed her because she was so depressed and underweight.

Annie is a special dog. She makes everybody feel as if they are the only person in the world, whether it's a service man or a visitor. We just took her to visit a dear friend in a nursing home who is suffering from a stroke and dementia and it did wonders for our friend.... and of course several of the patients wanted to hold and pet her.

We tried all sorts of dog food including Science Diet and nothing worked. She was the pickiest eater. Steak does not interest her (so help me), but when we discovered your product she has decided she will do us a favor and eat Wysong lol. Annie is a junk food eater if it's smells good to her... but at night while we are watching tv in bed we give her a bowl of chicken strips and Wysong and that is what she eats (she appears to be a night eater).

Thanks for a product that my wonderful little Annie loves.” When asked if we could use her testimonial:

“Absolutely. Annie is the most finicky eater imaginable. She has turned up her nose at steak bought especially for her at Trader Joe's, hamburger, etc...not to mention every dog food we have found in our local pet specialty stores. ONLY Wysong with their chicken flavor seems to be what she will munch on in her dish on our bed at night, lol. The report from the local Vet just last week tells us she is very healthy. It's fun to watch her go through her bowl on the bed to pick out the pieces and then when she's finished and full. She won't take one more morsel, even if we try to hand feed her, lol.

As you can tell we love our little Annie...and Annie loves everybody. The only problem is that she doesn't know she is a dog, lol, and would prefer hanging around with adults.

BTW what is the shelf life of Wysong. The new bag we have just won we have put in an extra refrigerator.

E-Mail – Dog Loves Canned and Anergen™

“I have been giving our dog your canned food. Smart dog, he refuses to eat other dog food, but he loves yours. Yesterday I purchased a bag of your  Anergen™ and he loves that too. It's the first dry food he will eat since he was a puppy. Thanks.”

Facebook Posting – Puppy Only Likes Wysong Foods

"I have a 5-month-old puppy who won't eat anything but Wysong products. I started feeding Wysong after Whole Dog Journal rated it one of the best on the market. Thanks for making such a great product."

E-Mail – Puppy Loves Wysong Canned and Dry Foods

“I have a new puppy that I have been feeding your canned food to since day one. He loves your Beef canned food and just isn't interested in much else. He loves your dry food too and won't eat any other dry foods. Thanks for making such a great product. I was really excited to see wheat grass and barley grass in your dry food. I recommend your stuff to everyone.”

E-Mail – Finicky Cat Enjoys Wysong Treats

“My 16-year-old cat will not eat treats! However, we were given a bag of your product to try and this he will eat.”

E-Mail – Finicky Dog Likes Wysong

“I originally purchased Wysong dog food at a local pet boutique, Cosmopawlitan, in Colts Neck, New Jersey. Our Silky Terrier is a very finicky eater, but devours boiled chicken. This was the first dog food I found that was almost pure meat. We mix it with kibble, to ensure more balanced nutrition.”

E-Mail – Maltese Likes Wysong

“I just received my first order from Wysong and our little Maltese is actually eating it very nicely. She has been super hard to please!! Thanks. . .”

E-Mail – Cats Pick Out Wysong

“Late last summer, I decided to try a different cat food for my three cats, because I had been worried for some time about the harmful or useless “meat by-products” in almost all commercial cat foods, including the one I had been buying from our vet. I had read this in a wonderful book entitled The New Natural Cat, by Anitra Frazier. I had been lulling myself thinking that since I was purchasing cat food from our vet, the food must be OK. I am afraid I must confess that I was not really paying attention to the real authorities (my three cats) by not being concerned that they were never really enthusiastic about eating. Then I spotted a display of Wysong silver bags of food at the vet’s office, and I decided to try it for my cats. The Wysong bags did not list “meat by-products.” All three cats seemed immediately interested. We introduced it slowly with their old food, but, smart kitties that they are, they picked out the Wysong pieces and left all the rest! Soon, I was buying just Wysong (the Wysong Vitality™ bags) and the cats were delighted. I looked carefully on the bag, noticed you had a website…Your website was a fine discovery – more than I could have hoped for! Also at your website, I learned how to read the freshness dates on the Wysong bags. On behalf of our three kitties, I thank you for your good products.”

E-Mail – Puppy Loves Archetype™

“My gosh-darned, oh so spoiled rotten puppy will NOT eat unless Wysong Archetype™ is on the top of his food LOL. He turns up his nose at everything else now. I've told every single person I know about it!”

E-Mail – Picky Eater Loves Archetype Burgers™

“This is Miss Lizzie (photo attached), also known as the pickiest eater in the history of picky eaters. It has been an uphill battle for 2 years to get her to eat anything. Not only has she turned her nose at every decent food on the market, but she's also been known to turn her nose at fresh beef or chicken if the mood does not strike her. Canned dog food holds no interest for her--my other dogs would have died for canned food. If it were up to her, she would live on peanut butter and avocados. If I don't sprinkle parmesan cheese on her food, she won't go near it. For days. I cannot tell you how relieved I was to see her devour the Archetype Burgers™ (I rehydrated them) because that has never happened before. I am in shock. Why? Because every night that she has been in my life for the past 2 years, after I put her food down, she sniffs at it, then gives me this look and walks away. Yes, I am in shock. In fact, the first time, she ate the Archetype Burgers™ so fast she threw it back up. (Luckily, she has slowed down.)

If you ever need any food testers, I am sure Lizzie would be happy to oblige. But be forewarned! Thank you for such great products, Noura and Lizzie”

E-Mail – Dog Loves Senior™

“I just wanted to say my dog ate your Senior™ 101122 Canine Diet food right away after I put it in the bowl! That's a hurray! I've tried all the Purina® brands, Ken-L Ration®, Kibbles and Bits®, you name it. He's around cats all day and wants THEIR food and won't eat dog food. I bought yours yesterday at Woodman's, Rockford, IL, even though it's a little pricier than Purina®. He loved it. Thank you!”

E-Mail – Epigen™ Resolves Digestive Problems For Puppy

“I thought I'd send you a quick note to tell you about my puppy. He is a White Shepherd and around 12 weeks old he was vomiting and having diarrhea. I took him to the Vet. They gave me several cans of Hills Prescription Diet, i/d Gastrointestinal Health. They also gave me a de-wormer medication to mix into the canned food. I prepared this for him and set it down. He sniffed it, but would not eat it. After not eating for a day, I

decided to give him the Epigen™ I had been feeding him. When he saw me bring out the bag he got very excited and ate it all when I put it down for him. I ended up mixing the medication into cream cheese for him. I still have a couple cans of the prescription food in the cupboard. He is now 4 months old and growing like a weed. He is eating approximately one two pound bag of Epigen™ every two days.”

E-Mail – Difference in Dog’s Picky Eating Habits

“I recently tried your products for my dogs for the very first time…I went online and bought what I was really looking at in the first place, the Wysong Epigen 90™ and a bag of the Archetype™. My dogs had already eaten and 15 minutes later the order arrived at my doorstep. But I thought I'd open it up and see if they'd try it. They both were hesitant at first--I think the small kibble size set them back, but then they tried it and actually were pawing at the bag for more. I opened the Archetype™ and didn't see the appeal to the ground up substance, but my dogs definitely did. So, I mixed the Maintenance™ with the Epigen 90™ and put about a tablespoon of dry Archetype™ on their food and mix it up. They actually eat it all immediately, instead of leaving it sit there all day and maybe all night too! I think I'll try the Anergen™ with the Epigen 90™ next, but I can't believe the difference in their picky eating habits…I just wanted to let you know what a difference your products have made in my so picky dog’s eating habits. I will be interested in seeing how much they like your other products I'll be ordering.”

E-Mail – Epigen™ is Favorite Food For Pets, Owners Love Human Products

“My wife and I are new customers, living in Panama and looking forward to being able to afford to bring in however much of your food as we like. I wanted you to know that the original Epigen™ is now the favorite food of our cat and small dog. They absolutely love it and the cat comes into the kitchen asking for it. If I mix it in with the Kirkland pet food, our dog will pick out the Epigen™ and leave the rest.

I also want to compliment you on some of your people food. The Basmati Rice™ is delicious and you sell it at a reasonable price. The star though, is the cheddar cheese powder. Wow, I thought I made some of the best popcorn around. I use organic corn, unrefined coconut oil, then for the topping I cook garlic, olive oil and butter, sprinkled with Himalayan sea salt. That's quite a mouthful in itself, and it is outrageous, but adding the cheese powder on top of all that is divine.

Keep up the good work and keep those pet videos coming, we share them with our friends and family...”

E-Mail – Picky Dogs Eagerly Eat Wysong Foods

“I recently tried your products for my dogs for the very first time. I have 2, four-year-old pug mixes. One mixed with Brussels Griffon whom I've had since he was a puppy and the other mixed with a beagle whom I adopted from a rescue 9 months ago. Both dogs had a lot of common behaviors, starting with not eating dry dog food! I will admit, I'm responsible for spoiling Harley, long before Jill came into the picture. But when we brought Jill into our family we soon realized she had issues. Overeating to the point of throwing up, stealing food, and allergies, including wheezing, butt scooting, ear infections, and lots of itching. We soon changed to grain free food, trying so many different kinds, but normally they would eat it for a week then look at me like it was awful. I'm always big on giving my dogs a variety of food, but cheese and other dairy products turned out to be the cause of her wheezing. And spending 12 weeks on certain foods that they won't eat anyway is too long, and a big waste of money. They actually would eat Taste of the Wild, dry if I would put some cooked meat on it. But then normally just eat the meat first and if I would give them nothing else, then they'd go back to the dry food. I was very interested in the concept of grain free and starch free so I decided I would look around for your food. I only found in a nearby store Wysong Maintenance™. I bought a bag, and they barely touched it. I went online and bought what I was really looking at in the first place the Wysong Epigen 90™ and a bag of the Archetype™. My dogs had already eaten and 15 minutes later the order arrived at my doorstep. But I thought I'd open it up and see if they'd try it. They both were hesitant at first--I think the small kibble size set them back, but then they tried it and actually were pawing at the bag for more. I opened the Archetype™ and didn't see the appeal to the ground up substance, but my dogs definitely did. So, I mixed the Maintenance™ with the Epigen 90™ and put about a tablespoon of dry Archetype™ on their food and mix it up. They actually eat it all immediately instead of leaving it sit there all day and maybe all night too! I think I'll try the Anergen™ with the Epigen 90™ next, but I can't believe the difference in their picky eating habits. The last dog I had years ago, ate anything, and didn't have any issues in doing so (a poodle). But I have found that good quality foods keep their ears a lot better than just plain Jane dog food. I haven't solved all of Jill's allergy issues yet, but I have found a food that they will eat voluntarily and like. I am hoping now that we are clear of canned food (which I will give here and there) and mainly eating dry food, that Jill will lose the pounds she's packed on since she's been here. Something that she has struggled with in the past as well.

I just wanted to let you know what a difference your products have made in my so picky dog's eating habits. I will be interested in seeing how much they like your other products I'll be ordering.”

Letter – Synorgon™ and Epigen™ Relieve Allergies

“I just want to write and thank you for the information about your dog food and what type of dry dog food I should feed my 4-year-old Cocker Spaniel, who has problems with her stomach and GI tract. I was glad that I was able to contact you and provide detailed information about Freckles’ history and how quickly you responded back, as well as two types of dry dog food that would benefit Freckles…My groomer Jade groomed Freckles on December 1, 2010, and saw a huge difference in her coat. Freckles’ coat is not dry, dull, flakey or any sign of dry skin. Freckles no longer scratches herself, nor licks, bites, and chews herself. Freckles’ coat is very silky soft, smooth and shows her true colors of red and white...Freckles has been on your dry food for 4 months. Freckles has so much energy, like she was when she was a puppy. The food has made Freckles’ poop normal and firm; not loose and runny. Freckles goes crazy when I get her food out of the cupboard and start putting it in her bowl. Freckles keeps going back after she finishes eating continuously licking her bowl. She never did this with other dog food. She has also lost the heavy weight that she gained when I was feeding her fish and potatoes by Blue Buffalo Wilderness Salmon recipe. She was on Purina Pro Plan puppy food when I purchased her from her breeder and my vet told me to feed Freckles Eukanuba dry dog food as it was the best dry dog food out on the market. Freckles had been on this food until she started throwing up. Then Freckles was put on Prescription Diet W/D dry dog food for 1 year… My vet recommended I take her to a dermatologist to have her tested for allergies. I said I was not going to dish out that kind of money and put Freckles through this. This is when both the dermatologist and the vet suggested putting her on fish and potatoes. I did and she started gaining so much weight, biting and chewing herself raw, as well as scratching so badly. Not only that, but I got tired of dry dog food hitting the recall lists and did not know what to feed her. Your dry dog food has saved my dog’s life, and my money (instead of a huge vet bill for allergy testing, as well as the medicine she had a reaction to). I did not want to put Freckles on steroids. I enjoyed reading the e-mail messages that I get about the Pet Truths. Please continue working on your products and keeping everyone’s pets healthy.”

E-Mail – All Cats Enjoy Uretic™

“I'd already started trying the Uretic™ even before the test results of the stone came back, just to see if the cats would eat it, and all 5 cats -- even the picky eater who hadn't tried any of the other "healthy/natural" foods I'd been testing as an overall diet change from regular mass brands -- has been eating it. So I really hope I can make this work! :)”

E-Mail – Cats Prefer Vitality™; Dog Prefers Optimal Performance™

“All of my critters love your products. In fact, my Golden, Miss Echo will only eat Optimal Performance™ and my cats prefer your Vitality™ hands down to all others.”

Letter – Dogs Love Archetype™

“I want to thank your company for sending me samples of your RAW canine diets. My dogs absolutely loved them. I am currently pet-sitting another dog and she is the pickiest girl in the world. Her owners told me mix wet with her dry food, and add some

sort of gravy. With all of that she still doesn't like her food. I mixed some of the Archetype™ with just her kibble last night and WOW. She ate so willingly. This morning she was whining for breakfast. So I had 4 noses in my kitchen as I was getting breakfast ready for them. Thanks for such a great diet.”

Phone – Cat Prefers Nurture With Pheasant™

A customer from Las Vegas, Nevada called and said “Please help, my cat is whining because I ran out of Nurture with Pheasant™. I couldn’t find it at my local store, so I tried feeding him some cooked chicken but he stuck his nose up and continued to rub the cupboard where I normally keep the Nurture with Pheasant™!”

E-Mail – Dog Happier With Wysong Diets

“Our dog (Rudy, a 1-year-old Pom) loves your food. He especially loves anything with pheasant...we've tried a lot of natural dog food and Rudy is happier with yours more than anyone else's. And you can post this comment. With our children grown and gone, Rudy is our new child. Thanks for all you do to promote healthy lives for our pets.”

E-Mail – Bichon Only Eats Wysong, Tearing Cleared Up

“I had virtually given up on finding a (commercial) food that my dog would like, until I hit on Wysong  Maintenance™. My four-year-old Bichon Frise Dusty, loves your food. Coincidentally, he has almost completely stopped tearing and the associated staining of his coat under the eyes.”

E-Mail – Dogs Loved Synorgon™

“We bought a bag of your processed dog food, and gave a little to our dogs. They so loved it and I was surprised! We will continue to mix and give them variety. One of our little Chihuahuas, for the first time, attacked our Jack Russell to protect her food, which was your bagged dry food Synorgon™!! We were shocked! We had to pull her off our JRT. It was almost funny!!”

E-Mail – Picky Eater Enjoys Wysong

“The "Kids" are looking forward to the shipment. My Yorkie wants to know why she has to eat "junk food" since I am out of the Wysong dry foods. She really likes the Nurture™ and Archetype™ dry mixed together!! She has been a picky eater and she really goes to town on the Wysong food. Harley (the cat) likes the canned food, but he really digs into the dry when it is Wysong…”

E-Mail – Kitten Does Well On Wysong

“I have used your dog & recently cat food with great success. I/We love the fact it is made with such loving care & not cooked to death. I have a kitten which I have raised since he was 4 weeks old & no one thought he would live (I work at an animal shelter). He did try & die several times when he was small. The only food that did not make him sick was yours! I brought home his last littermate too. They now weigh approx 6-7 lbs. each…I've ordered some of your new products-UnCanny™ & the new dry kibble

(Optimal Performance™). I hope both dogs & cats can eat it - I have 5! Thanks for your time--Keep up the wonderful work you're doing!!!”

E-Mail – Cat Prefers Vitality™ Over Old Food

“I’ve been feeding my cat ‘Tough’ a popular brand name food for many years. As directed, I wanted to gradually introduce Wysong products into Tough’s diet, but he disagreed…I began by mixing a small amount of Vitality with his regular food, and what followed was amazing - Tough actually began pawing and mouthing the regular food out of his bowl so only the Vitality™ remained! He then consumed the Vitality™ and left the old food to rot beside the bowl. The  Dream Treats™ were also a big hit. Needless to say, I will most certainly be switching to Wysong - I don’t think Tough would allow for anything else!”

E-Mail – Cats Prefer Wysong

“Thanks to your wonderful cat food. My cuties enjoy a great life – they eat nothing else.”

Letter – Cat Prefers Geriatrx™

“As I mentioned some time ago, my cats use Geriatrx™ and love it! I’d been trying to use up some Felidae, but one of my cats kept crawling into the cabinet where I kept their food. She knows what she likes!”

Internet – Discriminating Scottie Loves Wysong

"Hello, I just wanted you to know that Lola Marie our 1-1/2 year old Scottie tried all of the top 5 brand name dog foods available. As it turns out Wysong dry mixed with just one tablespoon of Wysong Beef in the can is a hit with her discriminating palate. Keep up the good work"

Washington – Cats Prefer Wysong Vitality™

“I recently acquired a bag of your Wysong Vitality™ at my local pet supply store. I figured my two cats would turn their noses up at it as they normally do at any new (to them) cat food.  Imagine my surprise when they fell in love with it and act like they can’t get enough of it! They have even forsaken the dry food they’ve enjoyed for years in favor of your product. It looks like you’ve acquired two new fans!”

Massachusetts – Cat Eats Wysong With Gusto

“I just wanted to let you know that my 10-month-old cat Ferris adjusted to Vitality™ instantaneously. The little guy eats pretty well – he always gets some dry food and to go along with that he gets wet food about half the time or some of what his “people” are eating (if it’s good for cats) the other half of the time. The day he got Vitality™ as his dry food for the first time was a bonanza day on the people food as well. He got some rare, pan-seared beef tenderloin (very much a favorite, he usually tried to climb up the person cooking it in excitement when he smelled the steak on the stove) to go with the Vitality™. I have never seen him go for the dry food first, but he ate the Vitality™ BEFORE the beef tenderloin! He is also a big fan of your canned foods.”

Internet – Dog Looks Forward To Dinner Since Switch To Wysong

“The only food my mother’s dog has ever eaten is Wysong™. While there visiting recently I bought some of the food for my own dog and for the first time in his entire life it was a dog food that he actually looked forward to getting for dinner. I couldn’t believe it so from now on it’s Wysong dog food at our house. Thanks for making such a great product!”

Michigan – Dogs With Lack-Luster Appetite Devour Wysong

“I take great care in the food I ingest and have always thought I fed my dogs equally well. So not true! The past few months I have noticed a change in my girls’ coats, the lack-luster way they respond to me yelling, “Puppy food time!” and their changing needs in general. So, on this, my monthly visit to the local pet supply store, I picked up two 40-lb. bag of another brand, but then I began to stroll the food isle. Being the good Dog Mom that I am, I thought I’d investigate a few other brands and possibly make a change, something I take very seriously. So I began my hunt. First, I noticed your silver bags! Then, I read the ingredient list and thought my girls would go nuts for your food! So, I picked up my first 4-lb. bag of Wysong. Upon my return home I was so excited for the night’s chow time that I cheated a bit and gave them each a handful. I thought I was going to lose my hand! My two Goldens went nuts; they loved the food! Long story short, the other brand stayed in the bags and today was returned to the pet supply, where I purchased a 40-lb. box of Wysong, 2 cans of moist food and a bag of Archetype™.  Tonight at dinnertime I mixed a bit of Wysong canned food with Wysong dry food and they both licked their bowls clean. My hats off to your products! Please continue to make the wonderful food my girls enjoy!”

Internet – Dogs Pick Out Wysong Kibble

"I thought you’d like to know that when I switched to Wysong, I was a bit frustrated. I was told to always make a food switch gradually. Well, it was quite a challenge. I put a bit of the little Wysong nuggets in with their regular Purina Dog Chow™, planning to increase the amount of Wysong weekly. My ‘little darlings’ picked through the food only eating the Wysong."

Internet – Dog Gets Excited For Meals After Introduced To Wysong

"I thought you might enjoy hearing about a dog’s experience with Wysong. I work for a counseling agency that is funded by our local United Way. Each October, as part of our United Way fundraising, we have a ‘Dog’s Day Afternoon,’ where an employee can contribute a fee and bring their dog to work for the day. During this year’s Dog Day Afternoon, a co-worker asked me what I feed my dog because she looks so very healthy and bright. I told her I feed her Wysong and the next day brought her a generous sample for her dog to try as well as my catalogue and literature for her family to read. Several days later my co-worker told me she had been mixing a small amount of Wysong with her dog’s food (a popular ‘health’ brand which shall remain nameless) and her dog had begun to pick out the Wysong pellets and eat only those. She also told me her dog actually gets excited and looks forward to mealtime now. While her dog was not really a picky eater, she was never as excited about eating as she is now. She told me, ‘It looks like we will be buying Wysong now.’ I always knew the difference Wysong has made for my dog. It is good to see those same results with another’s pet. Thanks for making such a quality product and being so concerned about the health of our pets."

Internet – Finicky Dog Goes Crazy For Wysong

"I just wanted to drop you a letter to let you know our experience of receiving your dog food yesterday. Buddy, our dog, loves it. He was all over the box and when I got it open, I could hardly get one of the bags open, and when I did he gobbled down the food before I could put it in his bowl with the homemade food that I make! Now this is a dog that really does not care to eat. He now does! Today his stool was excellent – very important, and he begged for Wysong when I was getting his breakfast ready. That was a first. At dinner this evening, he ate your food before he ate the dog food I make, which was in the same bowl. Very impressive. You have a good product. I am sold."

Internet – Dog Chows Down On Maintenance™

"I am so pleased I had to take time to write! Our Wile E has been in our lives for about 5 years now. In that time we haven’t been able to get her to eat dry food and we didn’t buy cheap brands. I then started making her food, and that was a big hit with her. She would pick out the Wysong dry. Yeah, I know, she’s spoiled. However, she takes such good care of me and watches out for me in my times of need. That time is more often now due to a brain injury I received last June. Anyway, she loves the Wysong Maintenance™! We don’t have to mix it with anything! She chows it down. She scratches less, she looks better, she is a happy girl and that makes us very happy."

Washington – Cat Refuses Other Diets

"Wysong makes the finest pet food available (and one of my cats certainly agrees because she refuses to eat anything else)..."

Animal Shelter, Washington – New Dogs Always Choose Wysong Diets

"When a new dog comes in and has a choice between the food it came with and Wysong...it dives into the Wysong."

Animal Shelter, North Carolina – Caretakers Prefer To Feed Wysong

"The Shelter is currently feeding five different brands of pet foods to their rescue animals. Caretakers say that when all five brands are available to the animals, they immediately go to the Wysong first."

E-Mail – Picky Eater Loves Wysong

“I learned about Wysong after much extensive research on food for our puppy when we got her. I originally wanted to do the B.A.R.F. diet, but wasn't sure how comfortable I was with it. Wysong came up on a search for natural dog foods, online, and I was sold after reading about the company, ingredients, and seeing Kaya (our Tibetan Spaniel) devour it in 2 seconds. Tibbies are known for being extremely picky eaters, and she's turned her nose up at numerous attempts of other natural dog foods. Never has she walked away from a bowl of Wysong Archetype™...she's usually licking the bowl spotless! The only "complaint" I have is that I can't find the Archetype in any retail stores here on Maui. One store carries the canned variety and dry variety, but that's it. So, until that changes, I'll just keeping order it online, and filling Kaya's belly with the good stuff! Thanks for such great products.”

Email – Wysong Brings Excitement To Pets Diets

“Hello, Just wanted to let you know how well our whole crew is doing on your foods. We own two Pomeranians and two cats. All have been on your food (dry and canned) plus Wysong supplements and occasional fresh food for the past several months. The difference is clear: shiny coats, clean eyes and ears (no more discharge), and they love the taste. The cats, especially, cannot wait for feeding time. They're both ten years old, and in that time I have never seen them get so consistently excited about a pet food. The new Beef and Chicken Stews™ are a hit, as are AddLife™ and DentaTreat™. As a Michigan native, I love supporting a Michigan company, and it's even better that the company produces such a remarkable product. Thank you for taking the health of our "kids" so seriously. We have four great examples of Wysong in action!”

Email – Poodles Take Well To Wysong

Hi, I am so pleased my two Poodles love the food. I have never seen them take to anything like they have this food. I am re-ordering.”

Internet – Dog Prefers Wysong Over Vet Diet

"My fussy, allergy-plagued dog LOVED it! I put a small scoop of Wysong with her regular vet-diet food. She usually ignored her dry food until after she had her canned food. Not any longer. She gave the dry food a good, long sniff, took a mouthful of her dry food, spit it out onto the floor and picked out and ate all of the Wysong! When I went back later to pick up her dishes, the Wysong was gone, but most of the vet-diet food was left."

North Carolina – Shelter Dogs Like Wysong Only

“The dogs at our shelter prefer the taste of Wysong™ over all other foods. There are two main things I’ve noticed about the Wysong Diets. First, their hair, coat and overall body has improved. I’ve given Wysong to dogs with maggots, mange and other skin and coat problems. With Wysong, their coats always came back quickly and healthier. The second thing is palatability. All of the dogs, even the picky ones are willing to eat it. Plus, it dissolves easily, so the older dogs have no problems eating it. I get calls from people who adopt the mini breeds that say they’re such picky eaters, they’ll only eat Wysong.”

Web Review - Cats Love Wysong

“I have seven cats; one is 18 yrs old, the other six range from 9 months to eleven years old. I received Wysong food yesterday hoping for the best, but expecting my cats to refuse the "healthy" food. ALL seven cats ate every bit of the Wysong, even my 2 fussy ones. My Manx, who has a sensitive stomach, has now kept down 3 feedings of Geriatrx™. I was desperately searching for one brand of food for all of my cats, one made with real food. Thank you Wysong for making this great product. I'm hoping that my two overweight cats will slim down, I'll let you know.”