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Recommended By Breeders

E-Mail – Gordon Setter Doing Well on Epigen™

“I have been using your  Epigen™ for my Gordon Setter puppy for several weeks now. His breeder had him on it and he is doing very nicely on it! (Her adult dogs were on it and looked and felt gorgeous!)”

E-Mail – How we get to and from our outside run

“From AJ, Renee, Angel, and Elton (we are 12 weeks old and our friend Jen devised this way to take us from our playpen to our outside run.”

E-Mail – Growth™ Recommended for Puppies/Caring Customer Service

“I have been a fan of Wysong dog food for years. I use the Growth™ puppy food for my Westie litters. It is actually in my contract that if an owner changes food before the first year is up, our health contract is broken. I recommend Growth for the first 6 months and then a mixture of Growth™ and Maintenance™ (50/50) for the 7 to 12 months of the puppy’s lives. I want to protect the growth progress in the little legs for my breed. This has been very successful for Crownview Westies.

I have never purchased food directly from Wysong because the shipping is prohibitive ($98 for this order). But, I do buy from the local pet stores, many over the years I have introduced to Dr. Wysong. Anyway, I have a litter of 5 Westies on the ground and needed to purchase some Growth™ puppy food. So, I ordered on line through the Wysong site. But, at the same time, my husband picked up cases of Growth™ locally, without me knowing it.

Here is the reason for this letter:

I want you to know how very gracious your company was when I asked to cancel the order. I asked if you could capture the order and credit my card. It was a sizeable order and you had already prepared it for shipping as the parcel was retrieved from the shipper. I would not know what to do with all the puppy food, it has shelf life and I have nowhere to store such quantity of food. I only breed 2 or 3 litters a year. I have been breeding for 17 years. But, I want to say thank you and let you know you just endeared me even more to Wysong. What a trusted, truthful and helpful company. Thank you for having such quality food for us who care to feed the best.”

When asked if we could use her testimonial:

“Yes, of course you may post my letter…but, most important, do thank the people involved. What a fabulous team behind your product.

Thank you for the grand food.”

Canada – Breeders Stands By Wysong

“I have been feeding my Westies and cats Wysong diets and supplements for years. When I explain to our customers your thoughts on feeding our animals very few can walk away without rethinking what they have been doing. I believe the amount of Wysong product we sell each month shows we are educating the pet owners in Canada. I have also put a number of American breeders on Wysong diets. I suggest they get in touch with your head office to find the nearest distributor. Some have dragged their heels but after they have had their dogs on the Wysong diets for a short time they can really see the difference in their dogs.

Breeder, Missouri – Recommend Wysong To All Puppy Buyers

"Since we sell show puppies to people all over the country we recommend Wysong... It is an excellent product and you could not pay me to feed my dogs anything else. Their health and well being is my top concern and my future."

E-Mail - Cats Doing Well On Feline Nurture, Great Customer Service

“I would like to report to you my many thanks for your excellent and prompt customer service. I have been feeding Wysong Feline Nurture™ to my two British shorthair cats for almost three years now. As you probably know, British shorthairs keep growing up till five years old and Wysong Nurture is my breeder's strong recommendation."

Letter - Recommend Wysong To All Puppies

“I have 6 Westies, 2 cats, and 2 puppies right now. I give a bag of Growth™ and Maintenance™ to each new puppy owner and encourage them to extend their Westies’ life by sticking with Dr. Wysong’s formula with fresh veggies and some fruit.”

Internet – Breeder Recommends Archetype, Produces Large, Healthy Litters, Great For Traveling To Shows

“I cannot say enough good about Wysong Archetype™! I’ve been feeding Archetype™ to my cats since it came into being, with fantastic results. My cats love it. I offer it as a treat or as a partial meal for them. I started feeding Archetype™ to a pregnant Oriental Shorthair to see how she would do during her pregnancy on it. She was in excellent condition and health and delivered large, strong, vigorous kittens. I’ve continued to feed Auriga and her kittens Archetype™ (supplemented with canned and Wysong dry). This is the healthiest litter I’ve ever had. I’ve shared the Archetype™ with many cat fanciers at shows. The cats love it. It helps maintain weight and condition, and it is very easy to travel with. Many cat fanciers feed raw meat, which is difficult to transport when on the road. Archetype™ is a terrific replacement for the raw meat. Again, I can’t say enough good about Archetype™. The cats love it, they’re in wonderful condition and health, and

I trust the quality of the food completely knowing it comes from Wysong!”

Florida – Incredible Results For Great Danes

“I’ve been buying Wysong for a long time, since it was recommended to me by a Great Dane breeder who had obtained incredible results in health and longevity for her Danes through the use of Wysong products and lifestyle changes.”

Michigan – Synorgon Recommended By Breeder

“I feed my dog Wysong  Synorgon™ as per her breeder’s instructions and she’s doing great!”

E-mail – Maine Coons Doing Great

"The cats love the Archetype™. I have not tried the cans yet. I breed Maine Coons and I have a young stud still growing up and he loves it, so do my two future mom cats."

Internet – AddLife™ Picks Up Appetite

"I have been using your product C-Biotic™ (now called AddLife™) for a few years now, the product is excellent, I breed Wheaten Terriers and if I have an expecting mom who has went off her food, I sprinkle this product on dry kibble and her appetite immediately picks up. It is amazing and definitely one of the best products I have ever used."

E-Mail – Tried and True Products

“I am located in Wisconsin and I am a Breeder of Newfoundland dogs. HArborWinds Newfoundlands have been fed and thrived on Wysong Growth™ and Synorgon™ for over ten years now. We are faithful feeders of your product and we appreciate that you don’t constantly switch your formulas! You are tried and true. I sent a photo of U CH HArborWinds StarrBurst (Sydney) in his prime, raised and still being fed, Wysong Growth™ and is three years old.

Photo Copyrighted: Christine Kozak/Wilterdink