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Better Health on Less Food and Money

Canada – Wysong Less Expensive Than Previously Thought

"Someone suggested to me that Wysong was expensive, but in reality it’s about a dollar a day for each dog, and if I can’t afford that for my animals I certainly shouldn’t have gotten them in the first place. I don’t know many children (in my income bracket) that live on a dollar’s worth of food a day. Thanks for caring about animals."

Veterinarian Georgia – More Positive Results On Less Food

"Once the ingredients of pet foods are compared with the ingredients of Wysong Diets, it is no wonder Wysong Diets produce such rapid and impressive results. Things such as brighter eyes, improved hair coat, weight gain (or loss, depending on the patient’s general condition) and more energy are readily observed – and all of this on 25-30% less food. These observations have convinced me that (Wysong Diets) is what a pet should eat, and that quality food is indeed our best medicine."

Veterinarian Washington – Great Results With Reduced Intake

"During my 18 months of experience selling and feeding Wysong Diets, I have observed the following: (1) Excellent hair coats, (2) Firming of body fat, (3) Reduction in pain and arthritic symptoms, especially in older dogs, (4) Reduced food intake (40-60%), (5) Excellent palatability. It is the best food that I have ever handled."

Internet – Healthiest Animals On A Lot Less Food

"I have boasted about your pet food to complete strangers as they were trying to buy other brands. My dogs (3) and my cats (7) have never been healthier. My veterinarian stated that I have the healthiest animals. They are well fed and their coats are beautiful. They eat a lot less food than other brands and they weigh in quite well at the vet. You have the absolute best product available to the public…Please continue to do the fine job you are currently doing with the quality of your products. When I open the sealed packages of food, they smell good enough to eat!!!"