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Relief Of Organ Disease, Cancer

E-Mail – Healthy Treats for Pets

“I recently purchased Daily Dream Treats™ from your website. I used to purchase them from my local pet store until they no longer carried them. I wanted to thank you for making such a great product. I have a rescued puppy mill dog who is aging and is in bad health. She was diagnosed with heart failure in September. One of the things that shocked me is how much salt is in dog food and treats. I read every can and label. Wysong Dream Treats™ was the one treat I could give her that did not have salt in it. In December my same beloved dog Belle was diagnosed with bone cancer. She has some better days and some real bad ones. On many of those bad days she would not eat at all. Some of these days the Dream Treats™ is all she would eat. I am grateful that I can give her these and know they are good for her.”

E-Mail – Premium Food

“I want to thank you for providing premium dog food and treats. I had the need to find an all protein based food for our 5 ½-year-old beloved Golden, Josie. Everyone I spoke to was not only knowledgeable but also compassionate to our needs. Josie was diagnosed with grade 3 mast cell cancer in May of this year. It was necessary to find a protein based diet and if we could, some treats for her. Thank God I found you on the internet! Josie lost her battle with cancer Thursday evening. I know I'll never be the same now. We have a 2 ½-year-old Golden named Hiram. He will most definitely be a Wysong dog too. He is already enjoying the Archetype™ foil bagged food and the canned. I can't research it now but in the near future I will be looking into a long term diet plan for him. Again, thank you for helping us in our time of need. You are all special.”


E-Mail – Neomentin and Uretic™ Help Cats

“Our 18-year-old cat, Soc, developed mast cell tumors and our vet told us there were abnormal cells in his blood. Diagnosis: neoplasia.

The vet laid out the options and said that if Soc were her cat, she wouldn't subject him to chemo or radiation. Instead, she said let's give him Chlortrimeton and prednisone along with his metformin. The mast cells, apparently, produce histamines and the meds are to minimize any discomfort. I asked her immediately if she would give me a prescription if Wysong, a company I've ordered from for years and years, had any appropriate food for his condition. Sure enough, there was Neomentin™ and a prescription was faxed.

Soc likes the Neomentin™, and he absolutely loves Nurture™ for added weight and strength as recommended by one of your staff. He thinks it's a treat. We also sprinkle F- Biotic™ on his food.

Six months on, Soc still has mast cells but they don't seem to bother him. And his latest blood test shows no abnormal cells! Our vet was as surprised and happy as we were. She couldn't explain the blood results; in fact, all of us expected to lose Soc to cancer within a few months. Spontaneous remission in a case like Soc's is, I understand, quite rare.

You don't suppose Neomentin had anything to do with it, do ya? Yep, so do I! I've just ordered another six bags.

And now on to Uretic™. One of our other cats, Zucco, has had numerous painful episodes with struvites. The vet was very insistent on a prescription diet as soon as possible, so he was put on the least objectionable we could find (Iam's) until I could order something from you guys. We were told Zuc would have to eat a prescription diet for life. Zuc… he’s crazy about Uretic™, almost knocks me down when he hears the bag rattling. Since I began heavy feeding with Uretic and sprinkling with Biotic ph-™, Zuc hasn't had any more problems. I've already laid in enough to last for three months for hurricane season. Great stuff!”

E-Mail – Wysong Diets/Philosophy Improves Quality of Life

“My name is Bridgette Maxwell and I am the author of books titled "Fido's Finest," which are pet-friendly travel guides listing the best hotels which allow dogs…In my first edition, I compiled a full page display ad for Wysong. My dog has since passed from cancer, sadly. Shamus ate Wysong the last couple years of his life and I believe it not only improved his quality of life, but his longevity as well. I compiled the ad simply because I like your company and products…and the only ads I comp are for the Humane Society or other homeless animal organizations. You are a special company…”

Letter from Veterinary Clinic – PDG™ Gives Life Back To Pets

PDG™ has given life back to cancer stricken pets, and has gotten their weight back up to normal so they could fight their illnesses. Great for picky cats – they love it! Nothing we have tried has given the results that PDG™ has and it works fast!”

E-Mail – Impressed With Rx Diets

“I'm very impressed with all the interesting prescription diets, including Neomentin™…Seems like an excellent cancer preventative and I would love to buy some for that purpose.”

E-Mail – PDG™ Stimulates Appetite For Ill Cat

“A few years ago I was introduced to PDG™ by a friend who had been doing rescue for years and found it very effective for those animals who were found near starvation and not interested in eating as an appetite stimulant. I used it for one of my girl cats when she went through hepatic lipidosis as a result of her intestinal cancer. It really worked for her. I don't know what PDG™ actually stands for, but "pretty damn good" works for me!”

E-Mail – Wysong Recommended In Research

"My Blue Point Siamese was diagnosed with cancer. I went online and researched every possible cure and every possible prevention. I ordered four books on natural health care for cats and dogs. "Wysong" kept coming up over and over and over again. I am in agreement with your philosophy. If only practicing veterinarians would educate themselves in the area of nutrition and what really keeps our companion animals strong and healthy. I have two other Siamese cats and one Domestic Short Hair. They all love Wysong. The Domestic Short Hair is eleven years old and was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy this past June. He gets heart medication every day mixed with his food, but since I switched to Wysong, his symptoms are all but gone and he acts like a much younger cat. The new food I am trying is the Free-Range Pheasant. I like the idea that it has the cold processed pheasant along with the kibbles. Thanks for such great things!!"

Washington DC – Cancer Patient Life Extended

"My dogs love Synorgon™ and Archetype™. I lost a 14-year-old black lab last year due to cancer. The vet put him on one of your prescription diets and told us that he would probably only survive for 2 months. Well, he died 9 months later and I feel the diet he was on before he got ill and the prescription diet he ate after he was diagnosed made the difference."

Internet – Wysong Returns Health To Doberman With Cancer

“My 12 ½ year old Doberman was so ill with cancer that I thought several times in the past months that I was going to have to have him euthanized. My 2 vets gave up on him and told me to just “keep him comfortable.” A friend, a holistic vet, told me to put him on Pepcid AC and start giving him Wysong™. I did both. His cancer has shrunk, dried, and he is having a ball, chasing squirrels, balls, chasing and racing around. He’s gained weight and has the best coat he’s ever had. I owe a great deal of his returning health to Wysong and prayer.”

Internet – Nothing Matches Wysong, Dog Beats Bone Cancer

“I have been feeding my (kids) dogs Wysong™ products since 1995. I was told about your product by a friend while I was dealing with my 9-year-old “CJ’s” bone cancer. I researched all pet foods out there and no one matched your product. I think what sold me was when you said this is the best anyone can offer you in a bag or can, but it is not enough; you must add fresh whole foods to your dog’s diet. I figure either you had no marketing strategy or you were just incredibly honest. Well, it turned out that you are just honest and really do care about our animals we love so dearly. My wonderful “CJ,” by the way, thanks to your help and some other holistic vets, beat bone cancer and lived to be 12 and then passed of kidney failure. I got 3 years I thought I would never see. I adopted him in 1986, and we got involved in canine Frisbee. Well, he just loved it. That is all he wanted to do. To make a long story short, he became one of the top 3 Frisbee dogs in the World Championships in 1993. I loved playing with him so much I wanted to find a way of making a living playing Frisbee with my dogs and spreading the word on adoption and animal nutrition. Well my dream came true, after many hard years of work on my plan, I’ve been blessed and have been performing at NFL, NBA, WNBA, Arena Football, State Fairs, and many other venues across the country. All of my dogs are adopted or rescued, and all of them are living proof of your great product. Please visit my website – K-9’s in Flight at Airmutts.com.”

Internet – Owner Learned About Pet Health And Nutrition

“I want to say thank you, from my heart. The Wysong website and written information has re-educated me in giving the best nutritional care I can give, for my 6 companion animals. Last year, my beloved Sasha, a Cocker Spaniel and much much more, was diagnosed with Lymphosarcoma. The Vet basically told us to go home and [let her] die, because there was nothing else we could do. (The cancer had spread to her liver). I was not going to take that diagnosis lying down. I would not let Sasha live a life that was not comfortable…because quality of life was what counted. So, I found a new vet, one who did Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture and who also practiced the common, everyday medicine…blending them. I also found out about nutrition and was led to Wysong by a person from a Pet Cancer Support Group, online. It was too late for my friend Sasha, because her cancer did spread very quickly, and she was so ill – she would not eat much of anything…although I did get her to eat some steak. She passed away on August 31st, 2002. I will always miss her, but I will also thank her for all she taught me…because, from what she went through, I learned how to “REALLY” take care of a companion animal. I now have 6 pups…and they are all on Wysong, and raw, natural foods. I have never had pups with clearer eyes, more exuberant energy, and all around fantastic general health. Even my older dog, with arthritis, is becoming better. She moves better, and even has started to try jumping up on me when I come home. I do want to add this one thing: I find it a shame and a horror, that unless people have a companion animal, with something wrong with it…that there is NO information offered by Vets or anyone, unless you happen upon it. I had no idea I was doing anything ‘wrong’ by feeding my previous companions the food they ate. I probably never would have found out about Wysong, or raw, natural foods if my Sasha did not go through what she went through. My vet of course, did not even mention anything about nutrition, supplements and so on to help prevent or battle cancer and other disease (which is why we found a new vet). Anyways, I mention Wysong ALL the time now. I cut hair and tell all my clients how wonderful Wysong is, and you should see the interest. Most people stop, look me in the eye and show an excitement…and their words are: Tell me more, where do I get it, and so on. My heartfelt thanks!! I have no more worries about my companions’ nutrition…yes, perhaps something could happen, someday, to one of them, but at least I know I am now doing the best I can for their health and happiness. (The Wysong Optimal Health Pyramid™ was a godsend!!).”

E-mail – First Products Considered Solid And Valuable

"About 3 ½ years ago our 5 year old male Doberman, Tanner, was diagnosed with an aggressive kidney sarcoma; very limited prognosis. He had been on the Wellness diet. I launched myself into studying and learning as much as I could about canine nutrition; committed to providing the best diet possible for Tanner. While I only hoped to extend his life my primary objective was to have him enjoy every minute that we had together including a diet that would promote same. What I discovered and as Dr. Wysong knows is how little is truly understood about canine nutrition; most dog foods contain ingredients that when understood, are frightening and cause for anger. I began delving deeper into the subject including published studies from around the world; eastern medicine, rainforest medicine, and establishing informational relationships with prominent research Veterinarians at Tufts, University of Colorado, etc. I began cooking home meals for Tanner the very day that his kidney mass was discovered. As my education “grew” I modified his diet accordingly. I began purchasing and cooking organic meats for him such as rabbit, duck and goose along with a blend of several vegetables and supplements. To make a long story short we lost Tanner barely 2 months after his surgery. It is fair to say that his recovery time to his surgery was remarkably short and his seeming return to health was similarly remarkable. His blood work and other tests, as recent as 3 days prior to us having to make that horrible decision, were not only within range but as noted by 2 vets, they were perfect. The cancer spread to his lungs. We now have another male Doberman and I have been cooking his meals, 3 times per week, since he came home. Tedious to be sure but worth the trouble. Only recently did I discover the Wysong products, purchased a small volume of your Rabbit, Venison, Beef and Chicken, and I could not be happier with their quality. They are just as healthy if not superior to what I have been preparing at home. The inclusion of organ meats is much appreciated. Not to mention that I cannot tell you how tired I am of picking the meat from cooked rabbits! I am out of the business of cooking meats though I continue with the vegetable blend, of course. I have shifted our cat to your diet as well. He has shown improvement in his coat, is not constantly hungry between meals and his mobility has improved – Persi is 10 years old. Yours are the first products that I have considered as solid, valuable substitutions for my own cooking. I never thought I would say that, honestly. Thank you!"

When asked if we could use her testimonial:

“Certainly you are welcome to use my email if you wish.

I thought you might like to see a picture of Tanner and Willie. The picture of Tanner was taken about 3 weeks before we lost him – 6 weeks post right nephrectomy.

The picture of Willie is very recent. Willie enjoys all of your canned meats but just as his

Uncle Tanner . . . .there’s something about WABBIT! “



Minnesota – Cat Doing Remarkably Well On Wysong

"Thank you for such a great product. I have four cats and all eat Wysong Vitality™. The reason I started using your product when my cat was diagnosed with lymphatic leukemia. The vet I'd been seeing with my boys recommended steroids, which can be hard on the cat and with results iffy at best. I took him to a holistic vet and with Chinese herbs and Wysong Vitality; he's doing remarkably well. Thank you guys so

much. Everyone seems to be thriving. What more can a Mom ask."

Oregon – Dog With Poor Prognosis Doing Well On Wysong

“I am writing to you today to express my delight not only in your products, but in your insightful information and inspiration. Two years ago our Keeshond was diagnosed with cancer after finding a tumor on his tonsils. At this point our vet told us to prolong his life we needed to poison him (his exact words), then take him home for the remaining 6 months of his life. Already into the alternative world of medicine for ourselves, we decided that this vet’s narrow view of reality was not for us. After searching our area, we discovered a holistic vet who told us about your products, but didn’t recommend at this point that we use them. Instead, she prescribed a diet of raw meat and vegetables and supplements that we were taking for ourselves. Well, needless to say, our Keeshond, Goliath, is alive and well today. We kept him on a protocol of raw meat and veggies for about 6 months, and eventually began giving him Wysong products. Today, when we take him somewhere, people always comment on what a cute “puppy” we have. When we tell them he’s no puppy, he is in fact 12, no one believes us! Naturally, I use the opportunity to inform the lucky inquirer about Wysong and nutrition, for both their pets and themselves! Two months ago I acquired another puppy – a mastiff/shepherd. I almost choked when we arrived at the owner’s home to find them giving the 6-week-old puppies a generous serving of Alpo™. Well, of course, I immediately switched her over to Wysong and fresh, organic raw meat and veggies. Thank you Dr. Wysong for your wonderful products, and most of all, for caring. It’s a rare trait these days”!