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Relief Of Organ Disease, Cushings

E-Mail – Archetype Burgers™ Save Dog’s Life

“…A woman in a group I belong to has been feeding her dog Wysong Burgers for the past 3 years - and that alone - because the diet her poor dog was on nearly killed him - he has diabetes, Cushing’s, high blood pressure, cataracts and corneal ulcers and some of the meds gave him dental issues as well.  She said the burgers turned his life completely around...although he is ill, he is now 13.5 years old, and 17 pounds and when he was nearly dying, he had gone down to 9 pounds and they were going to put him to sleep. I know that is all she feeds him with perhaps a snack of salad or chickpeas in the afternoon. She wouldn't dream of giving him anything else.”