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Relief of Organ Disease – Diabetes

E-Mail – Geriatrx™ and Epigen™ Help Diabetic Cat Off of Insulin

“I just wanted you to know that I have been buying your cat food for about three years now. I have three cats, two of which are elderly. My stepson moved back in our house about 8 months ago with his two cats so there are three younger cats in the house; they are about 2 years old.  My oldest cat, who is about 14, developed diabetes which is why I started using your food. Until then I had been feeding him one of the more expensive varieties of Science Diet®, thinking I was feeding one of the best quality pet foods, it certainly was expensive enough. When Candy had to go on insulin, I did my research and found Wysong and started feeding Geriatrx™ for the dry food. Since then he was been off of insulin a good deal of the time. His last episode of high blood sugar only lasted about 3 weeks and I was able to take him back off of the insulin. Since Epigen™ came out I have been feeding a variety of Geriatrx™ and Epigen™ and he has not had to be on insulin at all.  I recently took the three younger cats for their annual checkup and vaccinations and the vet told me they were some of the cleanest and healthiest cats he has seen. I am on the board and deeply involved in a local no-kill animal adoption facility and know the vet very well so he didn't just say that to be nice, he said it because he felt that way about my cats. 

I just ordered three of the Aus Jus™ canned to try. I buy my canned from a local pet food boutique and it is supposed to healthy but I would rather buy it from Wysong as I really trust you so I am trying again. With 5 cats in the house, two elderly and one with a serious health issue it has been a challenge to find something that works for everyone since I don't feed them separately. Wysong products do that for me and I just wanted to write and say thank you.”

E-Mail – Thank You For Advice For Diabetic Cats

“Just so you know, I am going to share this information with my vet as it looks like there are a lot of options for my kitty. My vet, who is quite excellent, didn’t know of any products which would suit the needs of a diabetic, renal and heart failure patient so I think this is WONDERFUL!  I have already ordered your products via PetFoodDirect.com and am hoping that my cat loves your food.”

E-Mail – Diabetic Cat in Remission on Epigen™

“…Now all the 11 cats are on Epigen™ after the steroid induced diabetes experience. And you can tell Dr. Wysong, that I believe my cat is now in remission after only 2 months of NO CARBOHYDRATES, whatsoever.”

E-Mail – Archetype Burgers™ Save Dog’s Life

“…A woman in a group I belong to has been feeding her dog Wysong Burgers for the past 3 years - and that alone - because the diet her poor dog was on nearly killed him - he has diabetes, Cushing’s, high blood pressure, cataracts and corneal ulcers and some of the meds gave him dental issues as well. She said the burgers turned his life completely around...although he is ill, he is now 13.5 years old, and 17 pounds and when he was nearly dying, he had gone down to 9 pounds and they were going to put him to sleep. I know that is all she feeds him with perhaps a snack of salad or chickpeas in the afternoon. She wouldn't dream of giving him anything else.” 

E-Mail – Wysong Helps Cat Wean Off Of Medications

“Wow! Thank you so much for your time and research on Brando's behalf!!! I've been talking WYSONG up all over the place since I first started Brando on VITALITY...and then all the other good we've added, but more recently I have really intensified that "word of mouth"! So thanks for the care and the resource...I know it is possible to get Brando's body back to that natural healthy state...and slowly get him off the many meds. I talked to his cardiologist yesterday...we are already going to start weaning off a couple of the meds right away, and I will see her and also a DIABETES SPECIALIST at the ANIMAL CARE CENTER (Rohnert Park, CA) in about 2 weeks…I really love the WYSONG approach and special ways of prepping the many types of food products. I knew I would be continuing a NEW DIET/ADJUSTMENTS with Wysong sooner than later anyway. I just didn't want to waste any time finding another VET to answer diet questions...when I have been all over the Internet reading and reading and kind of instinctively know I am on the right track with you guys and some of the other supplements! Look, I'm a starving actor these days (last big gig was playing Ashley Judd's boyfriend in "TWISTED" - thank God and the Screen Actors Guild for residuals!!!!)...I digress. But I feed my cats before I eat! They are my children...or soulmates...familiars...whatever you want to compare to, so I spare no expense...and am completely devoted to them! I rescued them both from a bad roommate in LA...and moved back up here to the bay area where they live in paradise! Hey! I just bought a new truck with air conditioning so that Brando is comfortable on his monthly rides to the cardiologist!!!! He's not allowed to drive though…Okay...I'm out for now, I'll order later...and am trying to get my Vet up to speed with the specific RX DIETS. I think it's as important that they know the nutrition as much as the drugs! I'm working that angle!!!…Huge THANKS AGAIN!

E-Mail – Epigen™ Helps Overweight, Borderline Diabetic Cat

“I have two cats, one is an Abyssinian (Kiri) and the other is a black short-haired cat (Midnight), both are 4 and half years old.  

Kiri does not have any medical issues. However, Midnight had started gaining weight at an alarming rate and I was feeding them premium "grain free" cat food (Midnight has allergy problems with grains). However, she was not eating very much. She was very lethargic and was having trouble breathing. I had blood tests and such done on Midnight and there were no medical reasons for the weight gain (she went from 14 to 22 pounds) and she was borderline diabetic. The vet recommended scheduled feedings and cutting down her portions. I don't think the vet believed me that I wasn't overfeeding her (she was a new vet that I went to after moving to a new neighborhood, so she wasn't aware on how I cared for my cats like my previous vet that I went to for over 20 years).  

I decided to do some research and read an article about grain-free foods using starch rather than grains. Being a diabetic myself, I know that starch and diabetes don't go together. That shoots my sugar up and also makes me gain weight. So I decided to try Epigen™. I supplement the Epigen™ with canned/wet cat food a couple of times a week.  I started feeding them Epigen™ on 6/22 and Midnight has slimmed down drastically and seems more satisfied with her food. Kiri loves it as well. Midnight is now playing and wrestling with Kiri like she did when she was younger and breathing normally. She is jumping up on the cat tree and bed with no problems. Both of their fur coats are shiny and healthy.

I cannot thank you enough for providing a good product for my cats.”

E-Mail – Cat Has Drastic Improvement on All Meats

I have a diabetic cat that's been on DM (Purina), EVO and then Wysong. The DM food was not very good, sugars better than commercial foods, but not great. The food itself smelled awful. His stools were so smelly, we had to practically vacate the premises. Someone told me about Evo and I tried that. A bit better, canned, but the Dry awful. Smelly stools, blood sugars so so, not much better than DM. I finally investigated enough and found Wysong, Au Jus™. He's on the Turkey, canned, Au Jus™ and Archetype™. His blood sugars are the lowest I've ever seen, within the 70-220 range on only 1/2 unit BID!! His stools don't smell. His dandruff on the other 2 foods literally went away within 1 week of eating Wysong. It really is a good product. The proof's in the pudding. It smells good when you open the can, not at all like a "cat food." Considering what's been going on this past week, with the pet food gluten problem, I can only guess what other problems have always existed, but now are slowly being uncovered with a lot of cat/dog foods. It's pitiful. A lot of vets, too, don't know what good foods are either. Anyways, Wysong is wonderful.”

E-Mail – Insulin Needs Decreased On Wysong

“I have a kitty...She really loves your food...We feed her Vitality™ and Archetype Buffet™. She was sick with diabetes before we started feeding her your food. We have since had to decrease her insulin by 4 times. She's bright-eyed and alert again. We are about to have her tested to see if she has gone into full remission. I am certain your food is the reason. When we get a blood test done, we'll write you with impressive stats to add to your testimonials.”

Internet – Diabetic Cat Sees Turn-Around On Wysong

“I contacted you 3 months ago regarding my diabetic cat and whether or not I could feed him Wysong. To make a long story short, since I switched him to your product, I feel like I have my old cat back. After 2 years of dealing with this diabetes, he has never seemed healthier. In addition to that his insulin dose has been reduced by 2 ½ units since I switched him.”

Internet – Wysong Great For Diabetic Dog

“I have two large French Briards ages 9 and 6 years old.  The oldest one has been a fussy eater all of his life. He was diagnosed with hemolytic anemia after receiving a rabies vaccine last September. He was one of the lucky survivors. Despite his recovery, his immune system was compromised and he has now developed diabetes. My younger dog is overweight and has been plagued with colitis and skin allergies since he was a puppy – the poor dog has seen allergy specialists for years as well as weekly allergy shots. When my oldest dog developed diabetes, my vet recommended Wysong™ products, which I am now feeding both dogs. I wanted to thank you because my diabetic dog now wants to eat – imperative now that he needs insulin and my dog with colitis and skin allergies now has firm stools and has stopped itching. I only wish I had known about your products long ago. Thank you so very much.”

Letter – Wysong Best Diet Available For Diabetic Cat

“I've been buying Wysong products from Hackettstown Pet Supply for more than a year. I first heard about your foods from a friend who had a cat with a very bad stomach problem. She was feeding him your canned rabbit canine/feline food and it helped him. After I heard about your company from Kathy, I did some research on my own and started feeding my dogs and cats your food. I have a very diabetic cat, who needs foods very high in protein. Yours are the best I can find. My sister's golden retriever, Chester, has had terrible ear infections and very itchy skin for a while. She's been feeding him Wellness Whitefish and potatoes, but it hasn't helped him. The food I ordered from your website went to her in Long Island because I want Chester to feel better...”

Internet – Cat Stabilizes Blood Sugar On Wysong Au Jus™ Canned

“Seventeen months ago my then 13-year-old cat KC was diagnosed with diabetes. Our veterinarian switched his diet to a diabetic maintenance formula and we then spent 9 months trying to regulate his glucose/sugar levels using insulin with some success. Suddenly, last October KC suddenly stopped eating, began vomiting and had severe diarrhea. After several days of seeing the vet 1 or 2 times a day we saw a specialist who performed an ultrasound and determined that KC had some sort of blockage in his intestines. My vet performed emergency surgery and found nothing. It was then determined that several things had happened: 1. a severe attack of pancreatitis, 2. KC had developed an allergy to something in the canned diabetic diet, and 3. he had long-term inflammatory bowel disease. By this time, my lean 12 ½ pound cat was down to 10 pounds and looked like he was dying. The neuropathy (weakness) in his hind legs was so severe that he had to be carried from room to room and up any stairs. I began sleeping on a mattress on the floor with him because he could not get on the bed. We began the search for a food that he was not allergic to and that would not raise his sugar to extent that it couldn’t be controlled with insulin. I was at my wits end! We couldn’t keep his blood sugar level below 400 (it needed to be around 200 to 250) and because of the high sugar he remained between 10 and (rarely) 11 pounds. I finally stumbled upon Wysong’s Au Jus™ diets at the end of April. I picked up the beef, chicken and turkey and let him choose. KC selected the chicken as his favorite and we gave it a try (adding the Call of the Wild™ supplement) and frankly assumed that this diet wouldn’t work any better than the other dozen or so we had tried. Thank you so much!  My KC is now up to a health 12 ½ pounds with stabilized blood sugar level of 225 to 250. The neuropathy has almost disappeared and he has grown back the fur on the backs of his hocks and walks on his toes! He can even jump onto counter tops and I can sleep in a real bed! Our vet visits were running 2 to 3 times a week with phone calls on off days in early April. I now check in by phone once a week he hasn’t even had to go see the vet since May 30th! I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have discovered your diet nor describe how grateful I am that you’ve provided something so outside the “norm.” You gave me my cat back!  He looks wonderful and feels better! Just last week I even told the vet that KC was scaring me because he acted so pre-diabetic normal! I’ve stopped worrying and we are now just enjoying every day that we have left with KC! Bless you for providing the miracle I was looking for. KC is family to us and a child for me as I’ve had him since he was orphaned at 8 days old.”

Internet – Dog’s Blood Sugar Remains Stable

“Dear Wysong, I want to thank you all very much for helping me to keep my pets healthy. I currently own a 10-year-old dog who has diabetes but even the doctor is impressed with how well her blood sugar has remained stable for more than 3 years. I also have 2 cats ages 3 years and 1 year and each of them has been on Wysong foods since they came to me as little kittens. I wish you made foods for my rabbits, chinchilla and ferrets!! I first started using your products when my dog developed allergies to the food that the shelter had been feeding her. I tried other lamb and rice formulas but she continued to have breakouts. Then I started mixing the Maintenance™, Anergen™ and Synorgon™ dry formulas with the different canned varieties and she's never had a problem since! I've now added more of the Senior™ formula to adjust to her activity level but she's still thriving and trying to catch squirrels. My cats simply shine and are extremely happy too. I recently lost my 12-year-old cat to leukemia but he ate Wysong his most of life and was gorgeous!! The vet used to say he couldn't believe how old he was, he simply didn't act or look like a 12 yr old cat.”

E-Mail – Blood Glucose Level Comes Down On Wysong Recommendations/Cats Love Dream Treats

“…Your help was invaluable! Gabby (our diabetic cat) is loving her new raw food regime! And Call of the Wild™ will become a part of it. Last BG test was 162 (down from 393, before that it was 500+)! Go MEAT! Gabby’s boys (Sam & Adam) couldn’t get enough of the Dream Treats™. I had to dole them out sparingly, at your advice, but they would have eaten all I offered…Tyke (dermatitis) will be getting a lot more raw meat with the addition of Call of the Wild™. It is great to see results from altering their diet. Hope to send more testimonials in the near future.”